Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Dong Yang, Zhi Hua Li, Shu Ting Zhang

Abstract: According to the characteristics of the design process of top-down collaborative assembly design, process planning dynamic model based on...

Authors: Xin Yu Shao, Xue Zheng Chu, Liang Gao, Hao Bo Qiu

Abstract: Uncertainty in design and simulation affects the quality of product directly during the process of MDO, which should be considered to help...

Authors: Chang Gen Bu

Abstract: The life of tri-cone bits will directly affect the economic and technical drilling target. In order to control and evaluate bit’s life, the...

Authors: Ying Guang Li, Zhi Yi Pan, R.J. Yan, J.B. Jian

Abstract: As restricted by airplane R&D circle, aircraft tooling design is desired to comply with airplane product design and subsequent portions....

Authors: Hao Bo Qiu, Y. Wang, Ping Jiang, Liang Gao

Abstract: Collaborative Product Development (CPD) is an advanced paradigm for product development, which focuses on facilitating the business...

Authors: Xin Yu Shao, K. Lin, Liang Gao, Hao Bo Qiu

Abstract: Computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) technology is used to solve the resource-sharing problems in collaborative design, analysis,...

Authors: L. Zhang, Xin Yu Shao, Liang Gao, Wu Tao

Abstract: The process of parameter choosing in vehicle overall design is a process of collaboration design, and is also a process of group decision...

Authors: Hao Bo Qiu, Chao Yong Zhang, Ping Jiang, Xin Yu Shao

Abstract: Group decision-making is one of the most important issues in product development. In order to tackle the vague and sometimes conflicting...

Authors: Xin Gang Wang, Yi Min Zhang, Y.F. Yan, Bao Yan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the variation rules of strength, load, reliability and failure rate of mechanical components are studied with time, and a...

Authors: Chang Hong Liu, Fu Zhen Xuan

Abstract: According to the all set theory, a fuzzy-random heat conduction model is presented. To deal with the function, the following steps are...


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