Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Shi Zhang, J.Z. Pan, L.W. Wang

Abstract: The effect of formulation (filler’s kind and amount, liquid’s kind and concentration required for granulation) and spheronization time on...

Authors: Duan Yang Geng

Abstract: Based on the CBR technique and the characteristics of developing corrosion inspection tasks and intervals of aircraft structural items, a...

Authors: Yong Sheng Ma

Abstract: Interoperability can be described as the interpretability of data types and related information by different computer systems. Standards...

Authors: E.D. Ramón-Raygoza, David A. Guerra-Zubiaga, M. Tomovic

Abstract: Designers need to reuse relevant knowledge types to make important decisions. These decisions are based not only on experience, but also on...

Authors: Wei Huang, Song Zhang, Guang Hao Liu, Zhi Si Lu

Abstract: A new up-and-down method is developed and a new estimate formula for the variance of sensitivity variables is proposed. This formula fully...

Authors: Hong Tu Sun, Xi Geng Song, T.L. Wang

Abstract: A typical driving cycle reflecting the real-world driving conditions of city bus is developed to show average speed, running time,...

Authors: Yun Kai Gao, P. Liu

Abstract: In recent years, for the sake of energy saving and environment protection, lightweight body structure becomes the trend of vehicle...

Authors: Chang Cheng Zhou, Wei Xu

Abstract: With the mechanics model, the analytic formula of the deformation for the trapezium throttle slice was established. By the vehicle...

Authors: Liu Chen Mou, Guang Fu Yin

Abstract: Analytic modeling and analog computer simulation techniques are presented to determine the power train transient responses excited by...

Authors: Dun Bing Tang, G.J. Zhang, S. Dai

Abstract: Axiomatic design and design structure matrix (DSM) are two popular design methods at the moment, while most related researches only apply...


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