Materials and Product Technologies

Volumes 44-46

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Kai Gao, Fang Sun

Abstract: Fuel cell bus with hydrogen tanks on its roof is different from traditional one. Its mass is greater than traditional one and its centre of...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Xing Hua Shi, Ding Hai Xu, Shan Wang

Abstract: The reliability of ship defensive structure subjected to underwater contact explosions is important both in theory and engineering. Because...

Authors: Yu Dong Chen, S.H. Chen

Abstract: In the engineering structures, the design parameters may be uncertain because of the manufacture errors and inaccuracy in measurement, etc....

Authors: Chuang Shao, Sen Ge, Hua Tao, Claude Bathias

Abstract: Two kinds of beam specimens made of composite laminated panel were designed and used to do vibration fatigue test for ε-N curves. the...

Authors: Guang Wu Yang, Shou Ne Xiao

Abstract: In order to evaluate fatigue reliability of single structure under random load, based on rainflow counting range of stress-time history,...

Authors: Gang Chen, Xue Mei Luo, Xu Chen, Wei Hua Zhang

Abstract: In order to understand the influence of Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) on fatigue properties of 16Mn steel, a series of cyclic torsional tests...

Authors: Wei Guang An, G.P. Tian, L. Zhou, Li Wang

Abstract: Generally, a safe margin equation is established by critical load coefficient and external load coefficient of the system in structural...

Authors: Chang Qing Su, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: The rubbing phenomenon occurs when a rotating element eventually hits a stationary part of the rotating machinery. Increasing the rotor...

Authors: Lian Ding, Jason Matthews, C. McMahon, Glen Mullineux

Abstract: The initial investigations are presented into three equipment design and manufacture companies, and their issues relating to information...

Authors: Sebastian Saniuk, Anna Saniuk

Abstract: In this publication a problem of production order planning is considered. The concept of a critical resource and a critical process, a...


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