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Authors: Li Jie Zhao, Yan Li, Huan Chen
Abstract: This paper is focus on design and analysis of folding mechanism for a new folding car. Through analyzing folding principle of different folding cars, one chassis folding type car is introduced. A group of lever linkage is determined to realize the folding effect according to the main function designed and the overall dimension of bodywork. Based on the prototype made by earlier stage of the research, three-dimensional model is established and simulated in motion by the use of UG package. For the validation of this mechanism, modal analysis of the chassis is conducted in terms of ANSYS package.
Authors: Xiao Hui Wang, Yan Xu, Ren Wei Xia
Abstract: This paper presents the multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) for an earth observation satellite. The aim of the paper is to use various multidisciplinary optimization methods to optimize the numerical models of an earth observation satellite under iSIGHTTM software environment. Based on the best earth observation criteria, a mathematical model of the earth observation satellite is proposed, which considers the design variables, the state variables and constraints of the payload system, the attitude system, the control system, the power system, the structure system, and the propulsion system. This paper conducts the optimization by using the above three methods, and compare the efficiency and applicability among the methods.
Authors: Zhu Jun Li, Yong Yang
Abstract: This study analyzed the difference between the steel worm gear in the worm type track regulator and the commonly power hourglass worm. And a strength design method of steel worm gear pair in the track regulator was presented based on the design method of hourglass worm gear: According to the condition of manual adjustment, the strength design of the worm gear pair worm material is tin bronze material , select primary center distance a1, And then according to the difference on the carrying capacity the steel worm gear and tin-bronze worm gear, correct primary center distance a1, Finally check the contact strength of tooth surface when locking condition.
Authors: Yong Zhou, Yu Feng Zhang, Qi Xun Zhou
Abstract: A novel control system of Quad-Redundant generators with the CAN-bus communication network and nonlinear PID algorithm is designed in this paper. To enhance the reliability of this power generating units, a control strategy for the multi-DSC control network of four Brushless DC Motors is presented. The hardware platform of this structure is composed of host-computer, master controller and slave-controllers, on this platform every generator could be driven independently via the CAN-bus communication network. And the principle of the nonlinear PID parameters is proposed. Using this system, the control structure of generators could be simplified and the speed of communicating could be improved. At the end of this paper, the experiment results verified that the control system is reliable, the control strategy is rational, and the system has better dynamic response.
Authors: Da Ke Tian, Xu Yang Liu
Abstract: To study the similarity scaling of structure for compressor disc, based on the basic rules of similarity scaling, physical speed of five linear scale factors (LSF) is determined, and the ratio of between centrifugal force and LSF is established, then the centrifugal force of single rotor blade and single rim flange with different LSF is obtained. Using the method of finite element numerical simulation, strength of four assessment projects including circumferential stress of disc heart, circumferential stress of cylindrical surface, radial stress of cylindrical surface and circumferential stress of meridian plane is analyzed. The results show that the maximum relative error among four assessment projects is only 2.60%, and stress level of disc corresponding to the different LSF is very close to each other. Then a conclusion can be got that the stress level of disc is little difference with itself geometry size, and the structure of disc can be designed pro rata scaling.
Authors: Yuan Yuan Teng, Da Shan Dong, Hui Qing Qiu
Abstract: Taking the limit intensity as a starting point, a plasticity design theory is introduced in the design of the transit platform’s panel of double trolley quayside container crane for replacing elasticity design theory as a conventional method. As to the impact dynamics issue, the study gives a theoretical derivation based on the energy law as well as a verification of the experiments of the lockpins’ falling , and uses simulations with Ansys/Ls-dyna condition. Combining the above three aspects, the results prove to be correct. Given the limitations and requirements of the practical situation and the standards, a reasonable design is offered. Through full consideration, it provides the value of the experience for future reference design and should be widely extended to use.
Authors: Xue Dong Zhang, Shu Zhong Lin
Abstract: According to the existing problems of the automatic feeding mechanism of the injection molding machine, we used TRIZ confliction theory to improve the design. We installed original mention feeding platform on the shock hopper directly, raised the height of the cover and removed the gliding path to solve the problems of equipment which is need to be improved such as maintenance, debugging difficulties, which are maybe lead to instability of the equipment operation. This improvement not only simplifies the structure of the automatic feeding mechanism of the injection molding machine, but also reduces the cost. The automatic feeding mechanism of the injection molding machine, replacing a person, has improved the efficiency and reduced the cost of the button cell battery.
Authors: Zhen Bo Qu, Yun Tian, Ying Song
Abstract: The user model is the basis of the interface design, and it is also the important standards of judging interface design. Tower crane user's task model is built based on tower crane safety management system and product man-machine interface in this paper. It is summed up that the design process of the tower crane safety management system man-machine interface according to the modeling. These theories and methods are considered and applied in the design of the tower crane safety management system man-machine interface. The interface become simple and easy to use, and it is also efficient during the work of the tower crane.
Authors: Ji Xiang Lu, Chang De Lu, Ping Wang
Abstract: The world is changing and the science and technology are making progress. Internet of Things is raging like a storm, and cloud manufacture is an invisible net preventing all escape. Changing the world, when conditions are ripe, success will come, which calls forth the idea of cloud design. This paper discusses the concept and theory of cloud design, which is a design framework empowered by advanced technologies including cloud computing. Cloud design is a modern design concept and methodology, and is the future of modern industrial design. The science and technology foundation of cloud design includes design, cloud manufacturing, internet of things, cloud computing, computer aided industrial design (CAID) , engineering, aesthetics, psychology, ergonomics, ontology and philosophy. The service system of cloud design consists of service, operational platform and resource. Its key technologies concern resource deployment, service management, resource provider/user management, and security. This paper also outlines the procedure and preliminary conclusion of the application of cloud design, gives direction and lays foundation for the follow-up research and development. As cloud design is new, this paper tries motivate researchers to come forward and contribute in various ways.
Authors: Long Qiao, Hong Bin Yu, Jian Jun Sun
Abstract: To shorten the transfer time of workpiece in job shop, it is necessary to optimize the equipment arrangement of job shops based on the technological process of workpiece. The objective function only considers the material handling costs, but it ignores the geometry of the workshop area utilization and so on factors. We propose and take an objective function that considers material handling costs and utilization proposed at the same time. And we set up an optimization model of facility layout is proposed and genetic algorithms is used to solve this mode1. The author brings forward the concept of carry quadrature for the first time. It is good to use this concept for the workshop in which many kinds of workpiece are produced. The result of optimal design is consonant with the desire of actual manufacture.

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