Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II

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Authors: Chao Yan Wan, Xu Zhao, Pei Xing Li
Abstract: Based on the matrix method of the mechanism, to build the force matrices equation of the opening/closing mechanism of the door of coal hopper car. Taking the opening state as example, finishing the solution of the force of the mechanism. Using this method, the reaction of the joint and the thrust of the cylinder can be solved in any position. The results provide theoretical bases for selection of cylinders and design of the mechanism. This method can solve some complex problems easily which are difficult to the method of “first solving motion pair”. Besides that, this method can be combined with simulation and experiment to show their respective advantages. In research, satisfying result can be obtained by using all the methods synthetically.
Authors: Yun Tian, Zhen Bo Qu, Xiao Kong
Abstract: It is discussed that the symmetry principle of Gestalt is prevalent in nature and in product design. On this basis, a kind of method for form design is summed up which is guided by the symmetry principle of Gestalt. In the process of product form design, these stages need the guidance of the symmetry principle, such as function decomposition of the product, the arrangement of function modules and the configuration of function modules. In addition, it takes the vacuum cleaner as an example to show the specific application of this method.
Authors: Fang Wang, Ming Chen
Abstract: Install thrust propeller and wings to coaxial helicopter, constitute a compound helicopter. Compound helicopter has greater speed, farther voyage, while retaining advantages of the helicopter which can take off and land vertically without runway.Preliminary design is an important stage in compound helicopter design work. It covers aerodynamic analysis, flight mechanics analysis, dynamic analysis, flight performance calculation and weight characteristics calculation. These aspects intertwined, which deepened the complexity of the preliminary design. Use genetic algorithms to optimize the design of the general parameters. Under constraint conditions of meeting flight performance requirements, calculate the general parameters which make the objective function optimal. Objective functions usually include weight efficiency and Miri’s criterion. This method without repeated design can shorten development cycle, improve economy and ensure design quality.
Authors: Fang Liu, Wen Ming Cheng, Yi Zhou
Abstract: As carrying frame make by Polyphenylene Sulfide in Portable Exoskeleton to the research object, establish the 3D model of carrying frame on the basis of the configuration parameters of Human body backside, and implement the strength and stiffness analysis through the ANSYS software. The analysis is divided into three portions in accordance with working conditions, bending with no support, bending with human support and swaying with human support. Thereinto three portions have the same payload as 45kg and the same bending range attains 45 degree. Ultimately Stress value, quantity and distribution chart of the deformation have been obtained for each portion. Analysis results show that the each direction deformation Maximum and the stress Maximum of the carrying frame which bend without support present linear growth along with the increase of the bending angle in the course of the bending over. Therefore it causes the larger concentration of stress and deformation in the carrying frame and causes the additional load in the body. So the working conditions for carrying frame should be avoided which bend without support. To the rest of the two conditions, the stress and deformation of carrying frame are small enough to be meeting the use requirements.
Authors: Yao Chen
Abstract: Abstract. There is a large population in our country. Owing to nearly 300 million people dress glasses, there is a huge market of glasses. China isn’t a glasses design great power although China is a glasses manufacture power. Domestic glasses design ability is not strong, and the product in the domestic market is homogeneity serious. In order to meet the diversified needs of the people, the personalized glasses custom design system has operated preliminarily. The personalized glasses custom design system lets designer to design a glasses in accordance with the customer’s desire through the consumer communicates with designers. The tailor-made glasses can fulfill all most consumer demand. The system can satisfy all of demand of the consumer through filling in the consent form, drawing sketches and renderings, and making the glasses samples.
Authors: Sha Liu, Yun Qi Wang, Lei Wei, De Cheng Wang
Abstract: Based on the internal structure of a small self-propelled mower, extract key points and make the main outlines of the machine by connecting the points in four ways: straight lines connect, arcs connect, free curves connect and data fitting. Then start from the main outlines and make the morphological evolution by the rules of "tilt", "fillet" and the characteristic of curves to obtain lots of basic shapes of the machines. Choose and modify the shapes by a unified style to get the final design of the mower. The period of the R&D of the small self-propelled mower is shorten and the final design is simple and effective in line with the appearance needs of such kind of products. Moreover the final shells of the mower are better match with the structural components. That verifies the feasibility of the design method and its better effect.
Authors: Yan Wen, Hu Sun
Abstract: The basic element of product form design are colors, materials and forms, the foundation of the form beauty lies in different arrangement which gives you visual impact. You must feel not only the innovation at the glance of the classic product design of Apple such as mobile phones, computers but also its unity and instantaneously. This is the perfect performance of the law Unity and Variety. This paper is presented that the unity and variety of product form design is applied in the elements of design such as colors, materials and forms which take Apple design as an example based on the basic law of form beauty principle. And it provides a theoretical basis and references for enterprise to develop a series of product and pave the way for further research.
Authors: Dan Bi
Abstract: Green packaging is not only the consideration of technical level, and more important is the change of value. It requires conclude environmental protection function in the design of packaging function, but also embodies the integration of nature and human’s green thoughts, and the principle of environmental protection, renewable resources. It covers many aspects: care for ecological, environmental protection consciousness, human health and safety consciousness, the design thoughts of sustainable development, natural and comfortable, contracted design concept. Therefore it forms the special relationship of design, consumption psychology and social development in green packaging. The three aspects has their own characteristics in the green packaging, and produced a multiple relationship mutually, which presented interactive, unity, decisive, integration and so on the new relationship, we should pay attention to and handle these factors. It provides relevant basis to create a new, reasonable and better life style.
Authors: Yu Xia
Abstract: Software UG is used to design plastic end cap injection tools and to do injection molding analysis. Firstly, use the modeling function of the software to design the structure of a plastic product. Secondly, design the mold according to characteristics of the product and generate a tool drawing. Finally, use moldflow software to analyze injection system of a 2-cavity tool, the best position of feed gate and plastic flow in the cavities, to improve the type, size and position of the feed gate and distribution of runners, as well as to reduce the cycle time and processing cost to the largest extent. This paper is to adopt Moldflow software to analyze the temperature, pressure and filling of the designed injection molding, and determine the design structure of the molding through improving the molding design according to the analysis results.
Authors: Peng Fei Wang, Xiu Hui Diao
Abstract: With taking weight of single main beam of gantry crane as objective function, and taking main beam upper & lower cored, diagonal & horizontal bracing, and width & weight as design variable, this essay adopted population diversity adaptive genetic algorithm to optimize its structure and improved program design through MATLAB. This algorithm could accelerate convergence speed, which make much it easier to realize comprehensive optimal solution, since it effectively avoided weakness of basic genetic algorithm, such as partial optimal solution, prematurity and being lack of continuity, etc.

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