Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II

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Authors: Hang Yin, Yong Ming Gao, Chao Wang, Xin Xing Li
Abstract: With the continuous improvement of complexity in the space simulation system and the enhancement of multi-technology integration, the co-simulation technology is an important way to solve complex simulation problems in the big system. After analysis of relative theories and main methods of co-simulation, collaboration data interfaces among multiple software are improved and matched with a number of simulation software system. The co-simulation framework is designed and a set of spacecraft dynamics co-simulation analysis system is established on the frame of HLA / RTI and on the principle of co-simulation technology. The key task on orbit service of the spacecraft is modeled and simulated. The software can complete the work that a single simulation software could not be done and achieve good results.
Authors: Yi Jun Zhou, Jun Xu
Abstract: The motor variable frequency speed control technology applied to the traditional hydraulic system based on variable speed hydraulic transmission principle with The PLC technology, hydraulic control, detection technology and configuration of organic, it combine PLC as the core of the lower machine control components, PC as the control, researched the variable speed hydraulic test system hardware, software and control systems design. The experiments were performed, realized the variable speed hydraulic experimental platform for open loop control and variable speed hydraulic system parameters real-time monitoring and dynamic display. It overcomes some of the shortcomings of the conventional hydraulic system, improved the efficiency, the hydraulic system run more smoothly and reduce noise. The experiments show that the variable speed hydraulic test bench run well and achieve the purpose.
Authors: Jing Han, Hun Ju Liu
Abstract: This paper presents a new driving system for realize the function of soft-starting and soft-stopping of belt conveyor. This device consists of planetary gear box, tow motors and controlling system. The basic concept is to combine differential planetary gear trains and converter technique. So, by controlling the angular velocity of inner gear the belt conveyor can realize the function of soft-starting and soft-stopping. During the working period this system has four different modes. By means of components libraries and virtual assembly the virtual model of CCSD is obtained. The kinematical and dynamic simulations are performed. By analysis the resisting force of belt conveyor we can obtain the curve of output-load properties of the controllable soft start equipment. As a result the dynamic force, the torque of each constrain, the ideal power of controlling motor, the ratio of main motor and controlling one were obtained.
Authors: Dong Wei Li, Qiang Feng
Abstract: In the production process of disk head on the computer hard disk, although the strict control have been progressing on the environment and the working procedure by production factory, it’s still difficult to make cleanliness of the products reach the requirement of hard drive assembly. Because the working procedure is complex, the pollution source is broader, and the cleanliness standard has been raised to the " without any particle under the 200 times magnifying glass ", which is to meet the increase of the hard disk capacity. This paper designed the mechanical structure of a new machine for cleaning disk head. It uses vacuum to hold disk head instead of grid, and combines spray cleaning, scrub, scouring, ultrasonic cleaning, drying, with electromagnetic valve to control vacuum degree in the vacuum tubes and fixture. Thus this machine cleans disk head to improve its cleanliness.
Authors: Wen Xin Duan
Abstract: High-value products is the goal what to go after for consumer and the designer of industrial product must have a sense of value first. Value engineering is a creative activity which increase product value by optimizing the relationship between the function of product and its’ cost. It is a very effective way that the idea and methods of the value engineering are engaged in the product design, that is a effective measures for improving product value and its innovation design. The core of industrial product design is to carry out the functional and cost analysis of the product design in engineering activities.
Authors: Ze Peng Liu, Gang Zhu, Jie Li, Shan Hu Yu
Abstract: Steering system is important to the FSAE vehicle performance. And it’s necessary to optimize the steering trapezoid as well. According to the mentioned problem, the steering trapezoid is designed for the special circumstances of the track in this article. the steering mathematical model is established and optimized using the least squares method in the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox to improve the steering stability of the car. After manufacturing and testing the FSAE car prototype, the experimental and optimal results are compared, which indicates that the design of the steering trapezoid mechanism reduce tire wear and protect good steering and grip performance.
Authors: Hao Nan Feng, Yi Chun Yang
Abstract: It is known that earthquakes generate infrasound. The frequency spectra of the infrasound signals associated with earthquakes are concentrated within a wide frequency range (0.002-0.02 Hz), and have spectral tail extending up to the frequencies 0.1-1 Hz. Therefore, the dynamic characteristics of infrasound sensors should be chosen so as to capture main features of such signals. In this paper, the characteristics of infrasound sensor InSAS2008 developed by Institute of acoustics, Chinese academy of sciences, are described. Its performance indicators are listed and its frequency response is analyzed. The special construction in the mechanical design is developed to overcome drift problem caused by temperature variations. In addition, the infrasound sensor is not affected by nonlinear effects. The calibration results show that infrasound sensor works within a wide and flat frequency band.
Authors: Li Li Wang
Abstract: With the development of the design industry, industrial design is becoming increasingly significant in manufacturing industry. Under the background of developing the manufacturing industry, industrial design based on the manufacturing industry in the central regions hasn’t been fully accepted or applied. This paper which taken Wuhan city in the central regions for example, analyzes the current development situation of industrial design firstly then provides a development management proposal of industrial design in the central regions based on the analysis above.
Authors: Hui Xie
Abstract: Bionic design is the inexhaustible source for innovative design. This paper focuses on how humans are inspired by plants and animals in the nature and apply bionic thinking to innovative design of industrial products. It will expound bionics in view of structure, texture, natural form as well as color and advocate the marriage of social production activities and the nature when designers, abiding by the bionic design philosophy of “learning from the nature”, establish a platform where human, product design and the nature are in harmony while endowing products with a sense of liveliness via bionic designs, bringing design back to the nature and enhancing the integration of human and nature.
Authors: Bi Ru Li, Ze Rong Li, Peng Fei Tian
Abstract: The present situation and existing problems of low carbon package as the high energy consumption, over-packaging and low recovery rate etc., have been analyzed in this paper. To realize minimizing the comprehensive carbon emission of packaging in the process of circulation, the low carbon consumption logistics strategy in the process of transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, the consumption packaging strategy of simply and humanization in the process of consuming or using the product, and the principle of green design after discarded have been put forward based on the research on the structure optimization of low carbon packing in the whole life cycle according to the characteristics such as reduction, low energy consumption, low pollution and recyclable use etc and effective way of low carbon packing.

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