Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II

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Authors: Yong Cun Guo, Jian Zhang, Kun Hu
Abstract: In this paper, against the belt conveyor point dust requirements, I design automatic dust removal system set apply loading point. working principle this system. At the same time carried out a detailed description automatic control section on the principle of superiority its work automatically. Finally, simulation software AMEsim its automatic control part the computer simulation obtained a more accurate experimental data. The simulation data show that the system be able to timely adjust the operating parameters system with change dust concentration has the effect of dust, special profiles to normal work. Improve working environment workers, improve the safety of operations, reducing moisture content coal, electricity and water savings, in line with the call the national energy saving, with good promotional value.
Authors: Jian Hua Tao, Hua Liu, Xiao Chu Liu, Xiao Jun Fei
Abstract: This paper is to design the NC system for the strengthening and polishing machine. First, it designs the overall scheme of the system on the basis of taking all of the factors into account, and focuses on the injection system include its structure and working principle. Then, it combines with the main control flows in the mode of zero-return, manual and automation, and takes HUST H6C series CNC of Taiwan YITU Co., to deeply research the NC system for strengthening and polishing machine.
Authors: Qing Song Jiao, Di Li, Yu Huang Zheng
Abstract: In the traditional customer service centre, service engineers provide a countrywide customer support service through the use of long distance telephone calls. Such a mode of support is found to be inefficient and generally results in high costs, long service cycles, and poor quality of service. A design of a Web-based remote maintenance system for the rotogravure printing press based on PROFIBUS and B/S frame is presented. Some functions such as data collection, remote data transmission, real-time monitor and information release are provided in the system. A new way to optimize the maintenance and management of complex rotogravure printing press machine by the information technology and the Fieldbus is carried out.
Authors: Jing Zhang, Fa Ping Zhang, Xiao Feng Duan, Bo Gao, Juan Han
Abstract: In the assembly design process of aircraft products, plenty used standard parts make it boring and difficult to extract assembly features and assembly constraints between the products and standard parts.Therefore,in this paper, the practical methodology for light-weight of the tree-dimensional model for rapid assembly and the automatic determination for specification of the parts are proposed. Eventually the assembly for the standard parts can be implemented rapidly, intelligently, in batch, and automatically.
Authors: Yun Bo Shi, Xing Juan Zhao, Jun Liu
Abstract: For testing angle velocity, testing system of micromechanical gyroscope is applied widely in both military and civil areas, and it is provided with broad foreground of evolution and application, The characteristics of the application require them have high sensitivity and accuracy, under this conditions, technology development level of interface circuit reach their limits, and restricts test performance improvement of the system of micro-gyroscope. In this paper the equivalent electrical model of capacitive micro-gyroscope is established firstly, then a novel interface circuit is designed, the interface circuit include two part, driving-circuit and detecting- circuit, and the feasibility of the driving-circuit and detecting- circuit is emulated and validated by Pspice respectively. The detecting circuit of static state capacitance is come true , and theoretical accuracy of it is 10-18F.
Authors: Ming Xi Hu, Sheng Jun Liu, Xin Wu Xie, Zhen Jie Du, Feng Tian, Yan Jun Zhang, Wan Yu Gao
Abstract: In this paper, the working principle of negative pressure isolation evacuation equipments is analyzed, some classic foldable negative pressure isolation evacuation equipments for infectious disease patients at home and abroad are introduced, structural design of negative pressure isolator for infectious disease patients with multi-cavity gasbag structure are carried out, then human ergonomic evaluation about the micro-environment in the chamber is made. The result shows that this equipment can meet the requirement for transporting infectious disease patients, and provide relatively comfortable micro-environment.
Authors: Wei Hua Yang, Zi Fan Fang, Kong De He
Abstract: In order to enhance the dynamic performance of urban electric vehicle, the matching design research for the motorized wheel is conducted. Firstly, the types and technical advantages of motorized wheel are recommended, then, the structure parameters and dynamic parameters of complete vehicle and motorized wheel are determined and calculated, and the brake is selected. Finally, the design opinion and the reference for the selecting suspension are given.
Authors: Gang Li, Yong Cheng Xie, Guang Sheng Li, Ning Wei
Abstract: In order to raise the maintenance efficiency of the armored vehicles Lead-Acid battery, this paper introduces an state monitoring system of Lead-Acid battery. The system used the ATMEGA8 as the control core. Through designing measuring circuit of the terminal voltage, internal resistance and temperature as well as building a human-computer interaction user interface using the C++builder, the system can fast and accurately monitors the state of battery. At the same time, we try to use the lock-in amplifying technology to measure the battery inner resistance. The experiment results show that the system easy to use and has a high accuracy.
Authors: Xiao You Zhang, Akio Kifuji, Dong Jue He
Abstract: Electrical discharge machining has the capability of machining all conductive materials regardless of hardness, and has the ability to deal with complex shapes. However, the speed and accuracy of conventional EDM are limited by probability and efficiency of the electrical discharges. This paper describes a three degrees of freedom (3-DOF) controlled, wide-bandwidth, high-precision, long-stroke magnetic drive actuator. The actuator can be attached to conventional electrical discharge machines to realize a high-speed and high-accuracy EDM. The actuator primarily consists of thrust and radial magnetic bearings, thrust and radial air bearings and a magnetic coupling mechanism. By using the thrust and radial magnetic bearings, the translational motions of the spindle can be controlled. The magnetic drive actuator possesses a positioning resolution of the order of micrometer, a bandwidth greater than 100Hz and a positioning stroke of 2mm.
Authors: Chun Lei Kang, Yan Xu, Kai Leung Yung, Wei Chen, Hang Liu
Abstract: Elastomeric polymers have been used as moulds for fabricating micro structures in the soft lithography technology due to their elastic features and unstickiness to polymer features. Previously, the micro moulds were normally produced by imprinting on micro prototypes, which are fabricated using deep reactive etching or photolithography. In this paper, we introduce a direct mould fabrication method, which uses pulsed laser drilling technology to directly generate high aspect ratio patterns in elastomeric polymers. The effects of laser parameters such as pulse repetition rate and average power on the drilling qualities are systematically studied. The techniques presented in this paper would provide a more flexible way to fabricate high aspect ratio micro features on elastomer mould efficiently.

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