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Authors: Jie Ying, Shan Shan Xu
Abstract: A road edges detection method of a novel electronic travel aid for the blind was proposed. Road edges extraction was realized by Canny filter and Hough line transfer. Multiple lines detected by Hough transfer were processed into one edge line. Road deviation judgment method was proposed to determine if the user has deviated from the road by judging the position and angle of the edge lines. Experiments showed that the correct extraction rate of road edges was 93%, and the road deviation judgment method was effective and fast. Experiments were done using the consecutive stereo image sequences captured on road.
Authors: Ji Xian Dong, Qian Mu
Abstract: This paper discusses the application of image processing methods in the Coal preparation detection system. The system uses a light source to illuminate the coal and coal gangue, and then captures images with a CCD camera. After that, those images are sent to analyze in the image processing module. The control system sets the jet valve to exclude gangue. For the image processing, the sample images are performed with the help of Matlab, by using the module of preprocessing, image segmentation and feature selection. After analyzing the grayscale histogram of the coal and gangue, the distinction between coal and coal gangue gray threshold are obtained. Finally, the control system compares the gray value and threshold to distinguish coal and gangue, and then excludes gangue to the transportation crawler.
Authors: Yuan Liang Zhang
Abstract: The development of the global economy stimulates the exploitation of the ocean. A precise and stable ship navigation system is very important for people to explore the ocean. Dead reckoning (DR) system is a frequently used navigation system for sailing in the ocean. It can provide precise short term navigation information but the error of DR system can accumulate over time without limitation. GPS can be used for localization and navigation in outside environment. Although the SA policy was removed the accuracy of GPS for civilian use is still big. But the errors of GPS are bounded. Since the complementarity of DR and GPS system the integrated GPS/DR system can provide good navigation results. In this paper a new Kalman filter based DR/GPS data fusion method is proposed. This method is designed based on the characteristic of the GPS receiver. By using this data fusion method the cheap GPS receiver can cooperate with DR system to provide precise navigation information for ships. Simulation is conducted to validate the proposed fusion method. The good result shows the potential of this fusion method for the ship navigation.
Authors: Kun Xian He, Qing Wang, Fan He
Abstract: This paper presents a fusion algorithm for image edge detection based on the mathematical morphology and the NSCT. First the de-noised image is processed by the multi-structure elements of the mathematical morphology. And then the processed image is decomposed by the NSCT into multi-scale and multi-directional sub-bands. Edges in the high-frequency sub-bands are extracted with the dual-threshold modulus maxima method. Finally the edges of the de-noised image are refined into a single pixel edge image. The simulation results show that this method can effectively suppress noise, eliminate pseudo-edges, locate accurately and detect the complete outline.
Authors: Tao Yuan, Jing Shuo Xu, Ya Zhou Di
Abstract: Carrier-based Aircraft closely watched as the aircraft carrier weapons, storms and other factors affect the generated carrier swing to sway.This will enable the gyro measurement to the Earth's rotation angular velocity signal to noise ratio dropped significantly, giving the aircraft carrier's initialaligned to bring difficulties. To solve this problem, the Earth gravity acceleration in the inertial space the SINS independent coarse alignment, and gives the process of acceleration due to gravity points vector of analytic coarse alignment and fine alignment algorithm. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the moving base SINS alignment method can effectively solve the initial alignment of the aircraft carrier in the state of the ship mooring.
Authors: Jian Jun Lang, Qi Gang Jiang, Han Wen Cui
Abstract: In recent years the transient electromagnetic pulse method theory has been developed rapidly in the world. In this paper, we focus on an electric probe method, it has many advantages to penetrate the high resistance ability, small effecting of the random manual source of disturbances, easy construction, simple measured, high efficiency and low geological affects. Currently Transient electromagnetic pulse method is one of best means to detect underground metal. Measured by the secondary field theory [1] after the power turn off at the primary field has widely used in resource exploration and engineering investigations. So far, the transient electromagnetic pulse method has been developed rapidly and ready to be used in geophysical exploration method field.
Authors: Xu Hui Cao, Cai Wu Lu, Yu Ji Li
Abstract: WI-FI is currently a popular wireless LAN technology, with access to high speed, large coverage area and so on. WI-FI has its flexibility and mobility, more and more attention, showing great prospects. This article describes the characteristics and advantages of WI-FI technology, combined with the actual situation of a WI-FI based wireless sensor technology and monitoring system for the implementation of the mine ventilation plan, and the program specific application in the monitoring system has been described, the program has proved flexible, simple wiring, has certain application value.
Authors: Lu Xiao, Lu Zhang, Hong Zhao, Wei Chen, Li Yuan
Abstract: Hydraulic focusing technology is an important method in many researches about particles. But there is no reported direct real-time detection method to survey its stability. A novel and high resolution method is put forward, which is based on digital image processing technology to detect hydraulic focusing stability. And five parameters are designed to assess its stable performance. A set of experiments is implemented with different sample and buffer hydraulic focusing forming velocities, and the results and experimental error are discussed seriously. The conclusion can be drawn by the final experimental error analysis which is less than during all the detection course. It can be proved that this hydraulic focusing stability detection method based on digital image process technology has the advantages of the excellent precision, the fast processing speed and the good reliability.
Authors: Min Huang, Xiu Li Liu, Le Yan
Abstract: Today, CNC machine tools are moving in the high-speed, high precision, heavy and complex processing of direction, leading to early failure in service due to machine performance, if not timely diagnosis and early warning, will result in waste increases, fluctuations in the quality, productivity decline.Therefore, to ensure reliable operation of CNC machine tools is very important.To build fault diagnosis of CNC machine tools and get test method as the goal, the tool wear experiments are carried out. Signals for cutting tool with different wear in milling process are detected,acquisited and analyzed through vibration sensors and acoustic emission sensors on the milling tools. To LabVIEW8.6 as development platform, a fault diagnosis experimental system of CNC machine tools is developed, including data acquisition module, signal analysis module, fault diagnosis module.
Authors: Hao Wang, Yi Shan Zhang, Shen Fang Yuan
Abstract: Crack and strain detecting is an important part of Structure Health Monitoring for aircrafts in fatigue environment. A signal conditioning circuit of a new strain-crack detecting system is developed in this paper. This circuit can deal with both intelligent coating sensor and strain gage, which have a great different original resistance between the two kinds of sensors. Comparing to the Wheatstone Bridge, when the strain is being detected, the new circuit gets rid of the influences of the lead-wires and decreases the wires’ number. The principle and the constitution of the circuit are introduced. And the circuit’s performances are demonstrated by a series of experiments. The linearity error is small and the stability is good.

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