Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II

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Authors: Ge Hua Chen, Yi Zheng Liu
Abstract: A wireless real-time detection instrument for human health status based on GSM Network is presented. It can real-time monitor the ECG, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and other parameters of human body. It has its own characteristics in being small and easy to carry with. Since the coverage of GSM network is broad and inexpensive, the real-time monitoring data of this instrument will be sent to the hospital or ambulance station. If there are any anomalies, the automatic SMS will be sent to patient’s family members, and an emergency telephone will be dialed to win the valuable time of the rescue. The high-end products with GPS positioning function can automatically inform the specific location of the patient, and the patient can be helped in the shortest time for emergency treatment in the case of his loss of active consciousness.
Authors: Xiao Long Zhu
Abstract: In recent years, GSM communication network has developed rapidly, which has basically covered the whole country and has been improved the quality of network communication. The public communication network transmission is used GSM power equipment information, which is a power of new communication system and the distributed power equipment monitoring to achieve the new ideas. This article is based on the research and the practice, and it puts forward and develops the practical GSM network based on the master station software of distribution transformer monitoring. It is used to implement the data transmission between the serial port and the database. The module provides a common library interface to other programs that can be called directly. Distribution transformer monitoring is the main part of the master station software to develop and use the Power Builder. PowerBuilder native database is used the local relational database SQL Anywhere and the GSM distribution transformer monitoring system of the master station software is used the standard Windows interface style and modular design. The system can be used as an important part of power management, and the urban distribution network automation is also a useful addition to favorable scheduling and allocation of a reasonable load, which has the good social and economic benefit.
Authors: Yong Hong He, Hong Yan Wen, Peng Wei Jin
Abstract: In the deformation monitor data, the noise exists inevitably. According to the different dissemination characteristic of the signal and the noise in the different scale, Wavelet modular maximum de-nosing algorithm combines the method of threshold de-noising with scale trading theory by Witkin, and picks out modular maximum value of the noise, makes use of Modular Maximum value of the signal to recover the coefficients of different scale efficiently, until recovers the signal. Contrast to the traditional threshold value and translation invariance, the processing result shows de-nosing method based on wavelet modular maximum can pick out the noise in the deformation data, protect the original information, have a better effect on de-noising, enforce the signal to noise ratio,Wavelet modular maximum de-nosing algorithm is a effective method in the deformation monitor data processing.
Authors: Deng Gao Hu, Hong Qiang Zhao, Cong Wen Luo
Abstract: The real-time monitoring of electrical parameters which be used for weighing high voltage lines, such as voltage, current, power, power factor and so on, is the important base of realization of assuring reliable and efficient high voltage surge. According to actual electricity utilization demand of high voltage substation, the real-time monitoring system of high voltage lines designed and realized on the basis of using programming language c#. In the meantime introduces the key feature of system.
Authors: Yang Wang, Kai Jiang, Ping Wang
Abstract: A novel analytical instrument for quantitative testing colloidal gold strips is developed based on the principle of photoelectric detection. The test-strip analytical instrument uses green LEDs as the emitting light source and a photodiode as the receiving device for obtaining reflected light, and utilizes a step motor to drive detection system for scanning the examining areas. Modulation technique for light source signals and demodulation technique for receipt signals are used to eliminate the interference of the background noise. The test results indicate the system has high detection veracity rates with detecting errors less than 1%, and good detection stability with coefficient variables less than 2%.
Authors: Wei Meng Ma, Jian Jun Wang
Abstract: An industrial turbo engine is modeled and meshed in ANSYS using solid elements. A rotordynamic analysis of the selected parts of the turbo engine is performed. For the unbalance response prediction, a novel method for modeling unbalance in 3D solid rotor model is presented and validated using a simple rotor model. In order to reduce the model order degree, transfer functions of the casing and bearings are generated and incorporated into the rotor-bearing system to account for the influence of elastic support stiffness on the rotor system. Modal and unbalance response analysis is performed on the 3D solid finite element rotor-bearing model using the unbalance modeling method presented in this paper. The results obtained from modal and unbalance analysis are compared and discussed.
Authors: Juggrapong Treetrong
Abstract: This paper proposes a new method of motor fault detection. Adaptive MTM is proposed as a key technique for motor fault analysis. Standard spectrum has always processed a time-signal into frequency domain with spectral leakage contamination. The leakage results important small harmonics to be invisible which makes the spectrum difficult to analyze the motor faults. The spectrum from the Adaptive MTM is introduced to minimize the leakages. The method is tested on 3 different motor conditions: healthy, stator fault, and rotor fault motor at full load condition. Based on several sets of the experiments, the spectrum from the adaptive MTM can show all the harmonics clearly which make the method more powerful for fault analysis.
Authors: Dao Yuan Pan, Xiang Gao, Chang Gao Xia, Hua Ding
Abstract: Applying the multi-dynamic theory, a dynamic model of the power-train mounting system of motor vehicles is established. An optimization model for the power-train mounting system is constructed, in which decoupling efficiency of six freedom vibrations is selected as objective function, and the natural frequency distribution of system as constraint condition, the stiffness and installing angles as design variables of optimization. Based on improved particle swarm optimization, as an example, isolation characteristics of a truck power-train mounting system are analyzed. The comparison between the optimal and original design shows that distribution of both the modal kinetic energy and the system natural frequency are more reasonable, that means NVH of the power-train mount system can be improved using the optimal design.
Authors: Jun Qiang Wang, Yi He, Wen Tie Niu, Zhi Hong Liu
Abstract: On the basis of test and evaluation theory, the software was developed to evaluate the online dynamic performance of CNC machine tool. After the standard test program was run, the response data was obtained through data collection system. Then the dynamic performance of CNC machine tool was fast appraised. Finally, all of test data and evaluation results were stored into database. It provided a good foundation for understanding the real-time status and variation rule of CNC machine tool.
Authors: Tong Han, Shang Qin Tang, Chang Qiang Huang, Kang Sheng Dong
Abstract: In order to solve the dynamics and kinematics highly coupled problem which exists in missile separating from cavity and in order to acquire accurate trajectory parameters and import control system, a parallel collaborative simulation platform was established. The data interface between FLUENT and SIMULINK was developed by the way of share data file, which use the Journal file of FLUENT and S-function of SIMULINK. The missile’s rudder control model was established. The aerodynamics characters and trajectory characters during missile separating from cavity were simulated under uncontrolled and closed-loop controlled conditions. The simulation results verify the feasibility of parallel collaborative simulation and show that rudder control method can effectively improve the characteristics of missile separating from cavity.

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