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Authors: Yu Chen, Yu He, Yu Fu
Abstract: Information resource planning (IRP)is a unified planning for the collection, processing, storage, transfer and usage at all stages of information. IRP is the foundation engineering and pilot engineering for the informatization construction of vehicle maintenance support. As an important and standardized project in the informatization construction of the vehicle support, the operation of IRP for vehicle maintenance information will play an important role in promoting and improving the informatization construction level of the vehicle support. This paper introduces several basic concepts in IRP first, then discusses the implementation procedures of the IRP of vehicle maintenance support, and analyzes the whole solutions for the informatization construction of vehicle maintenance support finally based on IRS.
Authors: Huai Cao, Xiao Hui Wang, Fei Yi Mao, Chong Feng
Abstract: The color comfort degree is the fundamental principle of the color design in industrial environment. Based on the fuzzy synthetic evaluation model in fuzzy mathematics, the new model uses analytic hierarchy process to constitute a factor set which will affect the assessing of the colour comfort degree, and analyses the existing research data and applies the grey system theory when the data of some factors are insufficient, to quantify the weight and set up the change curve of the factors. By fuzzy evaluating the comfort degree of each factor with the data on the curve, the new model reduces the subjective judgments in the evaluation model and updates to a more objective and accurate evaluation system-the double-layer fuzzy synthetic evaluation model.
Authors: Wen Bin Guo, Chun Guang Wang, Jing Jing Gao
Abstract: When potato tubers had received the exogenic action, water and starch in tubers generated tougor pressure which would act on cell walls in the tuber tissue, so starch content and water ratio have an obvious effect on the mechanical characteristics of potato tubers. In order to provide a mechanical method for detecting the starch content of potato tubers, correlation between viscoelastic characteristics and starch content of tubers was studied. In the research, the tubers of Desiree potato were compressed by cylindrical probe, and showed nonlinear stress-strain curves. The viscoelastic model of potato tuber was established, and its viscoelastic parameters were determined. Meanwhlie, the starch content and water ratio of potato tuber were detected after mechanical tests, and the correlation between viscoelastic parameters and starch content was analysed. According to the results of correlation analysis, viscosity coefficient which had been obtained from the viscoelastic model was significantly correlated with starch content and water ratio. Finally, the regression equation of starch content and the viscosity coefficient was determined.
Authors: Jing Xie, Qiong Liu, Yan Jiang, Yu Lin Wang, Hui Ling Zhu
Abstract: As a key datum in the petrochemical industry, Water content ratio plays an important role in dehydration, storage selling and petroleum refining. According to the oil well production site, this thesis is based on the oil-water mixture’s density to calculate the water-rate in petroleum, carried on the error analysis to this measuring method, and assessed the scope which this metering equipment is suitable. The wellhead drop back pressure device is effective in monitoring oil wells, to achieve the single well production of display, and when the single well is not working properly, you can discover and resolve problems. The system features are simple structure, easy to carry, stability of Measurement and easy maintenance.
Authors: Cheng Fu, Bin Huang
Abstract: The western South-eight block which is located in the comprehensive tap demonstration area of NO.2 oil production plant, has already gone through three years’ fine development. The production has been stable, the rising amplitude of comprehensive water cut has been small, and the natural decline rate has been controlled effectively. But with the deep development, this block has gone into the late ultra-high water cut stage. To maintain high efficient water flooding development is more and more difficult, therefore fine 3D geological modeling and reservoir numerical simulation work have been carried out. And some practical residual oil saturation diagrams have been put forward finally towards this block, which has provided a reliable basis for the next oilfield development.
Authors: De Wang Li
Abstract: Bootstrap method is a statistical method proposed by the American Stanford University professor of Statistics Efron, which belongs to the parameters of statistical methods. According to a given sub-sample, we do not need its distributional assumptions or increase the sample information which can be described the overall distribution characteristics of statistical inference. The basic idea of the Bootstrap statistics is unknown and can not repeat the sampling distribution function instead of using a repeat sampling of the distribution function estimates. The independent identically distributed random variable series ,have the common probability density function, with .In the paper, combining with multidimensional density function, we discuss the convergence rate with Bootstrap method for the kernel estimation of the density functional .
Authors: Yang Su, Peng Han, Zhu Jun Jia, Shi Hua Liang
Abstract: This paper proposes a digital watermarking algorithm based on two-way Arnold transformation and QR code. This algorithm uses the QR barcode as the watermark, and in its pretreatment process it uses the two-way Arnold transformation to broke up the QR code image into blocks which then coded and re-arranged in a specific order. Considering the role of Singular Value Decomposition in watermark embedding, here the watermark information is embedded into the low frequency coefficients of wavelet transform of the carrier image. Simulation results show that the algorithm is robust against attacks such as shearing, the JPEG compression and noise attacking.
Authors: Yin Yan Zhao, Nong Cheng, Tian Yuan Xiao
Abstract: It is difficult to model and simulate the technical factors’ effects on system stability for their indeterminate and complex features. Experimental investigation is one of the most important means to solve complex engineering problems, as well as a supplier of indispensable simulation modeling evidences of many perplexed factors. Angio-cardiographic equipment is as a case here and its C arm’s rotation speed stability is investigated through experiments. The speed curves’ trends and stabilities in different working conditions are generalized and their interfering technical factors are analyzed. The gear meshing clearance and the unbalanced gravity moment, which is found through analyzing experimental results, are included into simulation models and the simulation precision is acceptable. These give strong supports for following simulation work.
Authors: Qing Guo
Abstract: In recent years, a great amount of new car painting technology emerges. New wet on wet Aqueous compact coating process reduces energy consumption and improves process efficiency, which contribute to large decline in costs of car manufacturers. New nano face paint has higher performance than traditional paints in scoring preventing and resistance to body paint off. Prefilming technology gives rise to less environment pollution, facility investment, fast remodeling, which shocked the automobile painting industry. According to the current situation of painting in China and the international technology developments, this paper introduce development trend of car painting technology in terms of pretreatment, CED, floating coat, face paint painting, and film solidification.
Authors: Xian Feng Wu, Jing Zhou, Xu Yuan
Abstract: With the continuous development of Internet, e-commerce has become flourishing, among which B2C e-commerce has developed especially rapid. However, the problem of consumer trust has become one of the main factors that has hampered the development of B2C e-commerce. This paper focuses on discovering the factors which influence the consumer trust in B2C e-commerce and establishing the consumer trust model of B2C e-commerce. This paper applies the mechanism of process to the B2C e-commerce creatively, then comes up with six stages of e-commerce shopping process, and refines the impact factors for each stage, and finally builds the consumer trust model of B2C e-commerce based on the mechanism of process. As online suppliers have control in the factors I have proposed in my research, the model is helpful not only for theoretical use, but for guiding cyber-marketing practices of enterprises.

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