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Authors: Bin Huang, Cheng Fu, Hai Bo Liu, Hong Wei Wang
Abstract: This paper carries out studies on injection ability of polymer under constant pressure and in constant speed indoor. In constant velocity method, the speed of 0.1ml/min is used as a constant velocity to study polymer injection ability in 700mD artificial cores with different concentrations and molecular weight. In constant pressure method, three injection pressures are used to simulate the actual oil reservoirs and the injection ability of polymer is studied in the same core. It can be seen that constant pressure method can better simulate the actual oil reservoir from the results of these two kinds of laboratory experiments. The injection speed of 0.1ml/min is used as a criteria to estimate polymer injection ability and the polymer injection ability is given out in 700mD cores.
Authors: Yun Gang Yang, Feng Wang, Zhao Wei Sun
Abstract: The mission of ground tracking satellite requires not only the ability of large angle rapid maneuver, but also the ability of attitude stability with high accuracy during and after maneuver. A rapid maneuver method with high accuracy for spacecraft based on CMG and RW is proposed to solve this problem. By use of initial quaternions and target quaternions, a minimum path trajectory tracking algorithm is designed along the instantaneous Euler rotation axis. This algorithm requires that during the accelerating stage and the decelerating stage, the torque command is assigned to CMG system; however, during the constant-speed stage and after maneuver, the torque is assigned to RW system. Mathematical simulation indicates that, compared with the situation of just using CMG, the new method endows the spacecraft with the ability of rapid maneuver with high accuracy.
Authors: Chun Jun Chen, Xi Cheng Nie, Min Zhang
Abstract: The variation of interior air pressure of high-speed train will lead to the discomfort of the human ear. In this paper, based on the four principle of modeling assumption, according to the structure of human ear and the mechanical properties of eardrum in the anatomy, the differential function model and transfer function model while the eardrum is under the action of the pressure are build in order to study the relationship between air pressure fluctuation and the comfort degree of the human ear. Under the action of the actual air pressure wave, combined with the interior air pressure comfort index, the simulation and analysis to the model are done, and then the quantitative relationship between the eardrum deformation and the comfort of human ear is built.
Authors: Guo Xiang Lin, Wei Min Zhou, Yong Hui Tang, Lin Sheng Li
Abstract: The target contour extraction is one of key questions in computer vision. Because of its intrinsic limitations, the traditional C-V method can not meet the requirements of inclusion image contour extraction. To overcome this shortcoming, this paper introduces image overlay to make some improvements on the C-V methods, which is based on simplified Mumford-Shah, and compares the different contour extraction results caused by traditional method and improved C-V method. The results vindicate the efficiency and feasibility of improved C-V method.
Authors: Lian Tie Wang, Qing Shan Meng
Abstract: Fire scene investigation on fire caused by the wall socket,extracted the copper bead and aluminum wire material evidence,observe and analysis,include the macro analysis and metallographic analysis, and then confirmed the reason.Through the identification of the extracted fire material evidence,macro features are all electric heated,the metallographic analysis to determine the nature of the melted marks respectively for primary short circuit melted marks and over load melted marks and short circuit spatter melted mark. These three kinds of trace is in line when the electrical fault occurred formed, and a primary short circuit melted marks provides the most direct strong scientific basis for the cognizance of the fire,and determined the fires is caused by the faulted wall socket.
Authors: Ling Shan Chen, Chen Sun, Chen Xu Tang
Abstract: At all-state test of SCR system,the maximum NOx emission value occurs at 1100r/min and 50% of The throttle opening degree condition. The NOx emission value is 2611.08ppm. During simulation research, Influencing factors such as urea spray, reaction temperature, space velocity and NH3/NOx concentration proportion are elaborated. During 0.4s simulation cycle, it shows better atomize results and better homogeneity. The reaction temperature on catalyst is kept at 319oC value which is helpful for continuous SCR reaction. NH3/NO concentration proportion is kept from 0.2 to 0.3, which NOx reduction rate is from 65% to 75% in accordance with test results on the base of 1200r/min condition. The research can provide references for optimization on compact SCR system.
Authors: Juan Zhao
Abstract: Considering the complexity of the chloride ion penetration in concrete exposed to marine environment, an integrated chloride penetration model coupled with temperature and moisture transfer is proposed. The governing equations and parameters embody fully the cross-impacts among thermal conduction, moisture transfer and chloride ion penetration. Furthermore, the four exposure conditions are classified based on the different contact with the aggressive marine environment, and then the micro-climate condition on the concrete surface is investigated according to the regional climate characteristics, therefore, a comprehensive analog simulation to the chloride penetration process is proposed. To demonstrate that the proposed numerical model can correctly simulate the chloride diffusion in concrete, the integrated chloride diffusion model is applied in reproducing a real experiment, finally the model gives good agreement with the experimental profiles, and it is proved the tidal zone exposure results in a more severe attack on the reinforcement
Authors: Xue Feng, Ping Zuo, Hong Tu Hua, Xiao Yan Qi
Abstract: The repairable system solution’s exponential asymptotic stability was discussed in this paper, First we prove that the positive contraction strongly continuous semigroup which is generated by the operator corresponding to these equations describing a system with two identical components is a quasi-compact operator. Following the result that 0 is an eigenvalue of the operator with algebraic index one and the strongly continuous semi-group is contraction, we deduce that the spectral bound of the operator is zero. By the above results we obtain easily the exponential asymptotic stability of the solution of the repairable system.
Authors: Xing Qiang Gao, Wei Jun He
Abstract: Proceeding from the perspective of a low carbon economy, the author defined the concept of "Low-carbon Economic Benefits (LEB)" for the ground-breaking in the context of energy shortage and environmental damage. Through the establishment of narrow analysis model, the author first calculated the energy saving benefits of all planning wind power development projects in Yunnan Province. Taking into account the other social and economic effects of the wind power development projects, the author summed up the broad, low-carbon economic calculation model. A planning wind farm project in Yunnan Province as an example, the author estimated its energy saving benefits of a single wind power development projects. For generalized computing model, however, some indicators can not be quantified, and there is great uncertainty. This is worthy of the author to do further research.
Authors: Jin Hui Zhang, Xiao Ying Song
Abstract: The management and control of the construction project’ cost is throughout the course of construction projects. The owner should exercise economic supervision and control over whole process from decision-making, designing, inviting bits, constructing to completing. Based on the status, this article has carried on detailed analysis of the whole process management and control of the construction projects’ cost, and put forward improving the levels of cost management and control by the information technology.

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