Manufacturing Engineering and Automation II

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Authors: Yi Dan Hu, Ai She Li, Fan Jiang, Yi Jun Wang
Abstract: In order to improve the traditional teaching model of mechanical drawing, based on the theory of CDIO, we reformed the teaching model by using case teaching pattern and teaching based on the project. We actively carried out the teaching of the CDIO model, created a favorable environment for the cultivation of innovative talents, encouraged students' innovative spirit, and innovative ability. It would meet the needs of society for engineering talents knowledge structure and ability requirements, explore the new mechanical drawing course teaching.It was very important to cultivate the students' consciousness of engineering, awareness of quality, awareness of team and sense of responsibility. Therefore, better teaching results were obtained in our practice.
Authors: Chao Zhen Yang, Hai Rong Cui, Hong Yong Lu
Abstract: Metalworking practice is the link between theory and practice of classroom and workshop, and it is a major practice link of mechanical engineering which plays an important role on course learning effect and on the mastery and ascension of practical application ability. Linking theory with practice is an important theory basis and significant guiding for improving teaching effect of practice, for introducing skills performance appraisal content, for improving the training level and quality, for strengthening the teaching style and discipline construction, for changing the concept of weight theory light practice, for regression of engineering nature of education, for improving the quality of engineering education and for achieving excellence training requirements. In order to change the present situation of weight theory light practice, some method has been present in theoretical teaching and the effort will be effective.
Authors: Wen Hui Liu
Abstract: The professional accreditation is an important part of higher education accreditation, establishing and implementing the professional accreditation has already been widely recognized in China’s education and engineering. Based on introduction the accreditation system of higher engineering education in developed countries, this paper analyzes higher engineering education professional certification status in China, and then points out the problems in the higher engineering education. At last, it puts forward to establish a new thought of accreditation system of higher engineering education with Chinese characteristics.
Authors: Wei Yan Shang, Wei Wei Zhang, Xue Feng Wang
Abstract: In order to cultivate excellent engineers for our college, innovation on the class teaching of “machinery and equipment” has been done. To improve the ability of engineering application and innovation of the students, four innovation method has been taken. Firstly, mechanical design competitions has been combined into classroom teaching. Another innovation is arranging the curriculum design in the start of the semester. And to make students participate into teaching activities positively, advanced production equipments or students’ interesting equipments has been selected for students to make lectures in class. At last, large quantities of video data has been led into classroom. These innovations strengthen the convergence of the theoretical teaching and practical teaching, and students’ enthusiasm on their professional courses will be exited , thus the innovation will contribute to our cultivation of excellent engineers.
Authors: Sheng Gui Chen, Shou Yan Zhong, Zhen Zhong Sun, Yong Zhi Chen, Nan Li
Abstract: In the context of “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE)”, which was put forward by the Chinese Education Ministry, we would make great efforts to explore a new training model of practical teaching that face to the “Outstanding Plan”. The new training model will aim at enhancing the students’ practical ability in engineering, innovation ability, and their employment competitiveness. The new training model should be established according to the practical teaching situation of the present higher engineering education and combine the factual condition of our school, what’s more, it also based on the implementation of the “cooperation of colleges and enterprises, combination of work and study” training model of the CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate) engineering education.
Authors: Jun Juan Du
Abstract: Based on total budget management, the problems and reasons existing in budget management of private higher learning institutions in china are analyzed with reference to total budget management theory in enterprise budget management. The guiding thought and principles for construction of strategy-based total budget management system of private higher learning institutions are proposed. The constructions of the organizational system, target system, planning system and examination system of total budget management system are systematically studied. The specific targets and appraisal indicators of total budget management are determined by using the balanced scorecard. The operable total budget management system of private higher learning institutions is constructed so that it can efficiently guide the total budget management practice of private higher learning institutions.
Authors: Feng Xiao, Yu Situ, Deng Wan Li
Abstract: The practical difficulty for vocational colleges’ multi-cooperation is lack of talents, lack of money and lack of experience. It is needed to reexamine the meaning of collaborative innovation in the context of China’s in-depth implementing the strategy of education and building an innovative country. This essay puts up such proposals that vocational colleges need to grasp the government’s concern, taking into account the point of interest for industries, and stimulate the excitement of research institutes from the aspect of the practical difficulty and the mechanism based on the theory of collaborative innovation in order to accelerate the multi-cooperation between colleges, industries and research institutes.
Authors: Wei Wei Liu, Shu Ying Shen
Abstract: With the purpose of conducting new product development or designing variant product quickly, designers need to acquire relevant design knowledge and historical experience; thus, design knowledge acquisition arose at the historic moment. In the light of basic principles, characteristics and process of adaptive genetic algorithm, some kind of design knowledge in repository need to be disposed with a series of operations such as selection, crossover and mutation etc. And with the desired requirements of that kind of mechanical products, we could get the similar design or sometimes the 'perfect' solution in the knowledge base. In this essay, we take manipulator for example to acquire design knowledge; it not only validates the effectiveness of this method but also provides a new reference of design knowledge acquisition in new product development.
Authors: Xiao Yan Jin
Abstract: Mechanics is a comprehensive undergraduate major with multidisciplinary combinations among modern design and manufacturing technology, computer science, electronics, cybernetics, informatics, and modern management.This paper makes an investigation of the job hunting status and employment status of graduates major in Mechanics, proposing countermeasures and suggestions for specialty construction, enhancement of the quality of employment services, and strengthening of employment guidance.
Authors: Yi Chern Hsieh
Abstract: Fluid mechanics is an essential major course in engineering department. Learning basic concepts of fluid mechanics knowledge is becoming more important today for the most part of engineering students. How to systematically design an effective learning environment with multiple representations is the purpose of this paper. The content of learning topics includes Reynolds transport theorem, Naive-Stokes equations, static pressure, and four type lines. Three different groups of students were assigned to aspects about verbal descriptions, equations, basic formulas, diagrams, and taxonomy formulas. The results from groups of students are positive. The feature regarding maximum learning outcome to the detail about each of the topics will be analyzed in the near future.

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