Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing, Engineering and Materials

Volumes 774-776

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Feng Lei, Wei Guang Zheng, Qi Bai Huang, Chuan Bing Li

Abstract: The square of normal surface velocity of a thin plate with a harmonic excitation is minimized by optimizing the topologies of attached...

Authors: Hai Peng Liu, Yun Li He, Shi Qiao Gao, Yang Kang Tan, Lei Jin

Abstract: A low frequency energy harvesting structure was studied, describing the process of its manufacture. The natural frequency was obtained by...

Authors: Qiang Rui, Hong Yan Wang

Abstract: With the combination of stochastic response surface model (SRSM) and Monte Carlo simulation (MCS)-based inverse error propagation method, a...

Authors: Ye Miao Zhao, Xiao Hui Cao, Chen Hai Guo, Qing Zhen Ma

Abstract: To evaluate the noise of a diesel engine and provide the basis for the next step for noise reduction, a boundary element model of the diesel...

Authors: Yu Jia, Li Jie Chen, Qi Zhao

Abstract: Finite element (FE) method is used to study the vibration behavior of armchair and zigzag double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs). In the...

Authors: Cong Fang Hu, Yuan Qiang Tan

Abstract: Based on the tandem sealing structure at the end of the shaft,a finite element model of rubber O-rings has been established and the sealing...

Authors: Pei Cheng Shi, Yang Min Sun

Abstract: On the basis of a newly-built mechanical model of rubber mounting and nonlinear mathematical model, the dynamic characteristics of rubber...

Authors: Zhao Xia He, Qing Tao Liu

Abstract: The dynamic balancing of crank-slider mechanism was achieved with the guidance of the computer aided simulation-based optimization...

Authors: Xing Ma, Li Chun Qiu

Abstract: Modal analysis of chisel subsoiling shovel, arrow subsoiling shovel and double-wings subsoiling shovel were made, which was based on the...


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