Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tae Hee Shin, Seeung Yub Baek, Eun Sang Lee

Abstract: The medical stent is using widely for a surgical operation, because it can reduce the pain of cardiac. When it was developed initially,...

Authors: Jun Qing Guo, He Yang, Ping Liu, Shu Guo Jia, Li Ming Bi, Hua Huang

Abstract: The deformation processed Cu-based in-situ composite was a kind of structural function materials with high physical and mechanical...

Authors: Xing He, Hong Xia Wang, You Zhang Zhu, Yun Fang Zhao, Yong Zhong Hang, Kai Feng Yue

Abstract: On the basis of the theory of electromagnetic wave propagation in monolayer construct of left-handed material(LHM) and right-handed material...

Authors: Shu Quan Liang, Yong Zhang, Zhi Wei Mao, Yan Tang, Di Kai Guan

Abstract: The effect of rolling technology on the microstructure, electrochemical property and anti-corrosion property of Al-Mg-Sn-Bi-Ga-In alloy...

Authors: Ji Le Jiang, Yu Tian, Yong Gang Meng

Abstract: A preliminary study of active friction control method based on electrorheological (ER) effect is experimentally investigated. The friction...

Authors: Yun Feng Li, Yang Liu, Rong Qiang Du, Fan Ying Kong

Abstract: dvanced mineral admixtures can lead to economical high performance concrete with enhanced durability and reduced cement content. When super...

Authors: Yun Feng Li, Shu Ai Liu, Rong Qiang Du, Fan Ying Kong

Abstract: Concrete properties can be greatly improved with the advanced mineral admixtures such as steel slag powder. Used in combination with...

Authors: Hai Tao Wang, Hua Shun Yu, Yu Qing Wang

Abstract: The affecting laws of boron and silicon on structure and properties of Fe-based superalloy were studied by analyses of scanning electron...

Authors: Guang Yuan Weng, She Liang Wang

Abstract: Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys (MSMA) are attractive active materials because they have large strain (about 10%) as the classical shape memory...

Authors: Hao Ran Geng, Yan Bo Deng, Zhi Ming Wang, Xue Liang Wang, Zhen Yuan Li

Abstract: The relationship between the viscosity of Al84Mg10Ce6 alloy melt and liquid structure was studied by viscosity measurements, X-ray...


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