Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hiroyuki Kinoshita, Koichi Kaizu, Hiromori Miyagi, Tokunaga Hitoo, Kiyohiko Ikeda

Abstract: Ceramics, Composite Material, GFRP, Clay, Recycling, Bending strength Abstract In this study, as the effective recycling technique for the...

Authors: Gang Feng, Lin Zhang, Guang Hui Min

Abstract: The Al-Mg-B polycrystalline bodies were prepared using vacuum hot-pressing sinter method by pure Al, Mg and B powders. Process parameters...

Authors: Ya Wen Dai, Zhuo Qiu Li, Xiao Yu Zhang, Si Rong Zhu

Abstract: With the emergence of large-size complex structures, conventional discrete sensors can’t meet the requirement of structure health monitoring...

Authors: Jing Sun, Bao Kun Han, Xing Hua Yang, Chuan Zhen Huang

Abstract: The composite materials TiN/3Y-TZP, 3Y-TZP doped by TiN with different contents and particle sizes, were fabricated through the same...

Authors: Zhi Peng Du, Yu Wang, Yong Chen, Hong Xing Hua

Abstract: How to moderate ship the damages caused by the underwater explosion (UNDEX) is of great interest to the modern ship designers. A new type of...

Authors: Jin Xiang Sun, Hai Zeng Wang, Bao Wei Sun

Abstract: The preparation of MgCl2/AC composite and its adsorption behavior of azo dye from aqueous solution were investigated. The pore size of the...

Authors: Sean Lim, Jeremy Liu, Krishnan Jayaraman

Abstract: Wastes such as saw dust (Pinus Radiata) and milk bottles (High Density Polyethylene - HDPE) are available in abundance. HDPE bars and...

Authors: Ming Wei Li, Cui Ping Liu, Xiao Mei Gao

Abstract: The microstructures and magnetic properties of nickel ferrite synthesized by coprecipitation and sol–gel methods are comparatively studied....

Authors: Yuan Liao, Shu Hua Qi, Dong Hong Wang, You Ming Wu

Abstract: In this paper Polyglycol (PG) was used as ‘soft’ template to induce the polymerization of aniline in aqueous ethanol and hence control...

Authors: Jun Pan, Jiang Ying Li, Sheng Lin Xiong, Yi Tai Qian

Abstract: A simple ultrasonic method was developed to synthesize rod-like SnS nanocrystals, using tin chloride and thioacetamide as starting...


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