Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Ying Su, Pei Shan Yang, Xiao Bin Zhu

Abstract: Diatomite supported nano-TiO2 composite was prepared by sol-gel method with titanium (Ⅳ) isopropoxide as precursor. The composite was...

Authors: Shi Shang Guo, Lin Ai, Dan Li, Li Zheng, Zheng Zhang

Abstract: Ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 (PZT) nanotubes were prepared using porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template by...

Authors: N.K. Pandey, A. Tripathi, Dr.Karunesh Tiwari, Akash Roy

Abstract: Paper reports morphological and humidity sensing studies of WO3 and WO3-ZnO nanocomposite pellets prepared in the weight % ratio of 10:1,...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: This study presents a new modus of selective removal technology and an excimer assistance on TFT-LCD above the five generation used to carry...

Authors: Zhao Deng, Ying Dai, Hai Rui Liu, Wen Chen

Abstract: Large scale BaTiO3 nanorods were successfully synthesized by a template method based on a precipitation process. The templates used in our...

Authors: Hong Yun Zhao, Guo Dong Wang, Chun Hua Xu, Feng Yuan Shu

Abstract: After reheated at different temperatures for 5 minutes, the 400MPa Ultrafine Grained Steel specimens were air-cooled to room temperature,...

Authors: Shu Hui Chen, Shi Rong Wang, Shu Guang Bian, Xiang Gao Li

Abstract: Improved two step in-situ polymerization was applied in the preparation of urea- formaldehyde microcapsules used in microencapsulated...

Authors: Ting Feng Tan, Shi Rong Wang, Shu Guang Bian, Xiang Gao Li

Abstract: Hollow TiOX nano-spheres have been successfully prepared using hollow core-shell latex particles as template, which involves the deposition...

Authors: Wei Han, Yue Dan Wang, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: TiO2 nanomaterials with different dimensions(zero and one), sizes(20nm, 50nm and 100nm in diameter) and crystal structures(100% rutile, 100%...

Authors: En Wei Zhang, Yan Bo Wang, Fei Gao, Shi Cheng Wei, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: Two new modified sandblasted and acid etched (SLA) surface methods had been used on commercially pure Ti (Cp-Ti) surface. Scanning electron...


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