Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lang Chen Li, Yue Zhang

Abstract: The modification of light calcium carbonate powder was studied by wet surface modification in n-Butanol and water solution. The modification...

Authors: Guang Ying Zhang, Ying Fei Hou, Chun Hu Li, Wei Zhu, Jian Zhang

Abstract: The oily sludge-based adsorbents for flue gas desulfurization were prepared by pyrolysis. Based on benzene adsorptivity, the conditions of...

Authors: Oleg Figovsky, Sergey Usherenko

Abstract: Now there is a motivation for creation of the materials possessing a considerable difference of physical and chemical properties in volume...

Authors: Oleg Figovsky

Abstract: Nanostructured coatings based on interpenetrated polymer network of polyurethanes, polyacrylates or epoxide resins and containing...

Authors: Xiao Li Ji, Fei Xu, Hai Ya Chen

Abstract: Prepared silicon carbide(SiC) ceramic foams combined with mullite whiskers which synthesized by in-situ reaction. Studied on the influence...

Authors: Xun Lei Gu, Yu Qiao Shan, Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: The Al-Mg coatings were deposited on high-speed electro-galvanizing steel by using double-target DC magnetron sputtering. Numerous Al-Mg...

Authors: Yan Sheng Yin, Wei Ke Zhang, Li Hua Dong, Yan Lei, Jian Li, Liu Xiao

Abstract: Ti3Al inter-metallic compounds were successfully prepared via high energy ball milling and the subsequently heat treatment. Near full dense...

Authors: Pei Hua Chen, Ping Jie Huang, Bo Ye, Guo Hou Li, Ze Kui Zhou

Abstract: Composite materials have some obvious advantages such as high specific strength 、high specific modulus 、corrosion resistant 、abrasion...

Authors: Yu Hua Xue, Wen Yuan Zhao, Shou Feng Sun, Hu Yu

Abstract: In this study, macroporous, pH sensitive polyacrylic acid hydrogels were prepared by using different concentration of aqueous NaCl...

Authors: Chun Feng, Y.K. Zheng

Abstract: The effect of small addition of niobium on the mechanical properties of grain boundary allotriomorphic ferrite (FGBA)/ granular bainite (BG)...


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