Multi-Functional Materials and Structures II

Volumes 79-82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Chen

Abstract: With development of traffic speed, friction materials were required more and more high, in this paper polymer matrix friction material...

Authors: Xue Wang, Yu Hui Zhang, Quan Ji, Zeng Ji Liu

Abstract: Nano size silver films were deposited on the surface of regenerated cellulose films by magnetron sputtering, to impart antibacterial...

Authors: Yang Yen Yu, Wen Chen Chien, Chung Yi Hsu

Abstract: The synthesis, morphology, and photophysical properties of poly[2,7-(9,9- dihexylfluorene)]-block-poly(2-vinyl pyridine) (PF-b-P2VP) with...

Authors: Shi Ling Yang, Jian Hua Zhang, Ying Dong, Shi Bin Sun, Ping Cui

Abstract: Taking the waterless tap-hole clay in the 1750m3 blast furnace of Jinan Steel Corporation for example, thermal processing at temperatures...

Authors: Xi Jun Liu, Hai Ping Li, Feng Li, Rui Xia Tian, Qing Li

Abstract: In this paper, a novel poly(butyl methacry1ate)/poly(methyl methacrylate-itaconic acid)(PBA/P(MMA-ITA)) latex particles with core/shell...

Authors: Yu Li Lin, Chih Chung Lin, An Chun Liu, Hong Jen Lai

Abstract: Microstructure of 0.63C-12.7Cr martensitic stainless steel during various tempering treatments was investigated in this study. Results...

Authors: Li Li Guo, Ya Ping Peng, Shuang Shuang Liao, Shi Feng Huang

Abstract: Piezoelectric ceramic(lead niobium lithium zirconate titanate, P(LN)ZT), sulphoaluminate cement and polymer were used to fabricate 1-3...

Authors: Xian Hua Zhang, Lei Ge

Abstract: The novel visible-light-driven Ag/BiVO4 composite photocatalysts were successfully prepared by photo-deposition method. The as-prepared...

Authors: Man Tae Kim, Hyup Jae Chung, Gyu Seok Choi, Yong Bae Kim, Kyong Yop Rhee

Abstract: In this study, heat-acupuncture needle was coated with bioceramics by applying a plasma spray coating method to prevent a skin burn in the...

Authors: Yuan Chao Liu, Bao Min Sun, Zhao Yong Ding

Abstract: Flames offer potential for synthesis of carbon nanotubes(CNTs) in large quantities at considerably lower costs than that of other methods...


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