Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Farias, S. Delijaicov, J.D.B. de Mello, M. Stipkovic Filho, G. F. Batalha

Abstract: This work aims an analysis on the functional surface integrity resulting from turning mechanical components manufactured from case hardened...

Authors: Wissem Tebni, M. Boujelbene, E. Bayraktar

Abstract: Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one of the earliest non-traditional machining processes. EDM process is based on thermoelectric...

Authors: G.H. Farrahi, G.H. Majzoobi, A. Fadaee

Abstract: In the present work, specimens were cut out from St-37 plates with 19 mm thickness. The thickness of plates was reduced to 12.5 mm by...

Authors: Shen Yung Lin, C.C. Tang, J.C. Shih, S.S. Chi

Abstract: In order to ascertain the superior characteristics of PCBN tool for hardened material machining, to promote the cutting performance and...

Authors: P.S. Satsangi, K.D. Chattopadhyay

Abstract: The use of thermo-electric source of energy, as in electrical discharge machining (EDM), has greatly helped in machining all types of...

Authors: Taha Rostamzadeh, H. Shahverdi, R. Sarraf-Mamoory, A. Shanaghi

Abstract: Mechanical alloying is one of the most successful methods for the manufacturing of metal matrix nanocomposite powders. In this study, Al/SiC...

Authors: Vincenzo Savino, Gasem M. Fallatah, Mauyed S. Mehdi

Abstract: Research activities in nanocomposite materials have been carried out for the last decade. Some of the objectives of these activities have...

Authors: D. Sola, J.I. Peña, Miguel A. Buñuel

Abstract: This paper presents a study of glass ceramic laser machining for cooktop appliances. Blind holes and special shape cross section blind holes...

Authors: Pai Shan Pa

Abstract: A new finishing method of holes that uses an effective electrode and a nonconductive roller to execute the design of synchronous processes...

Authors: M.M. Noor, K. Kadirgama, M.M. Rahman, N.M. Zuki N.M., Mohd Ruzaimi Mat Rejab, Khairul F. Muhamad, Juliewatty Mohamed Julie

Abstract: This paper develops the predicting model on surface roughness of laser beam cutting (LBC) for acrylic sheets. Box-Behnken design based on...


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