Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yukio Kasuga, T. Okai, Shigehiro Kawamori

Abstract: For the possibility of easy disassembly of a joint assisted by strain recovery, the joint is fabricated with a cold rolled circular...

Authors: Dimitar Stavrev, Tsanka D. Dikova

Abstract: The paper deals with the structure features of Fe-C alloys quenched by means of laser, electron beam and plasma arc. The martensite and...

Authors: Dimitar Stavrev, Tsanka D. Dikova

Abstract: The present paper deals with the structure and properties of two types of tool steels with high chromium content (12% Cr) hardened by means...

Authors: M. Hadiuzzaman, M. Mizanur Rahman

Abstract: Capacity analysis of signalized intersections basically consists of estimating saturation flow and delay. Pre-timed signals are most...

Authors: Marcin Lipowiecki, Dermot Brabazon

Abstract: The geometry of bone scaffolds plays a crucial role in bone tissue regeneration. This architecture, especially pore size and shape,...

Authors: Abdullah K. Al-Dossary, Marianne Gilbert, David Hitt

Abstract: While the world growth in PVC consumption continues (currently ~35 million tonnes per annum), its poor thermal stability, remains an issue...

Authors: Sumsun Naher, Dylan Orpen, Dermot Brabazon, Muhammad M. Morshed

Abstract: Microfluidics is a technology where application span the biomedical field and beyond. Single cell analysis, tissue engineering, capillary...

Authors: A. Jabbarnia, Saeed Heshmati-Manesh

Abstract: Mechanical alloying technique was used to produce an intermetallic based composite powder. Mechanical activation of aluminum and nickel...

Authors: Khairur Rijal Jamaludin, Norhamidi Muhamad, Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman, Murtadhahadi, Sufizar Ahmad, Mohd Halim Irwan Ibrahim, Nor Hafiez Mohamad Nor

Abstract: This paper presents the rheological properties of SS316L water atomized MIM feedstock. Coarse and fine SS316L water atomized powder is mixed...

Authors: Ching Yen Ho, Yu Hsiang Tsai, Mao Yu Wen

Abstract: Nanometer-sized particles possess characteristic physical and chemical properties different from those of bulk materials due to an increase...


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