Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohammed Anayet Ullah Patwari, A.K.M. Nurul Amin, Waleed Fekry Faris, M.H. Ishtiyaq

Abstract: An attempt has been made to investigate the chatter formation during two machining operations namely, turning and thread cutting on a...

Authors: Chung Chen Tsao

Abstract: End milling is considered to be one of the most commonly applied for both roughing and finishing operations to make flat surfaces, slots and...

Authors: Bijoy Mandal, Sujit Majumdar, Santanu Das, Simul Banerjee

Abstract: In grinding process, a stiff air layer is generated around the wheel periphery due to high surface speed of the porous grinding wheel. This...

Authors: A. Habibzadeh, M.H. Sadeghi, B. Davoodi, B. Jabbaripoor

Abstract: In order to simulate manufacturing processes, it is essential to have accurate information about mechanical behaviour of material for...

Authors: Suleiman Abdulkareem, Ahsan Ali Khan, Mohamed Konneh

Abstract: In electrical discharge machining (EDM), material is removed by a series of electrical discharge between the electrode (tool) and the...

Authors: Shih Ming Wang, Zou Sung Chiang, Da Fun Chen, Yao Yang Tsai

Abstract: A new cutting force model of micro-milling was developed based on calculating the instantaneously projected area of cutting in this study....

Authors: Bülent Ekmekci, Atakan Sayar, Tahsin Tecelli Öpöz, Abdulkadir Erden

Abstract: Micro Electric Discharge Machining is mostly used micromachining technique for manufacturing of micro holes and mini cavities. It is a...

Authors: Jeng Nan Lee, Chien Nan Li

Abstract: The scroll profile is complex with involute curve and high precision is required. Owing to the interpolation method has significant effects...

Authors: H. Shahali, Hamid Zarepour, Esmaeil Soltani

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of machining parameters including cutting velocity, feed rate, and tool material on machining power of EN-AC 48000...

Authors: Rosario Domingo, José M. Arenas Reina, Mariano Marcos Bárcena, M.A. Sebastián

Abstract: This paper presents a study of the thrust forces in the aluminium alloy, UNS A97050-T7. The measurement of these forces during the dry...


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