Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E. Mahmudi, Hassan Farhangi

Abstract: In the present study, the relationships between friction stir welding parameters and the tensile behavior of Al 2024-T4 joints was...

Authors: Majid Pouranvari, Pirooz Marashi

Abstract: Resistance spot welding is the dominant process for joining sheet metals in automotive industry. Even-thickness combinations are rarely used...

Authors: Iyad T. Alzaharnah, S. Al-Kaabi, Bekir Sami Yilbas

Abstract: The flexural motion of a bar changes during the welding process because of the temperature field, which modifies the modulus of elasticity....

Authors: Gianluca Buffa, Livan Fratini

Abstract: Spot welding can be considered a very common joining technique in automotive and transportation industries as it permits to obtain effective...

Authors: Shankargoud Nyamannavar, K. Narayan Prabhu

Abstract: The success of a numerical simulation for solder solidification during soldering processes depends on an accurate knowledge of heat transfer...

Authors: S. Mehrizi, A.M. Hadian, A. Hadian, A. Vosughi

Abstract: One of the difficulties in manufacturing of sandwich honeycomb structures is the proper joining of honeycomb cores to face sheets. In this...

Authors: R.L.L.P. Cerveira, G. F. Batalha

Abstract: The aim is to analyze a junction produced by a Friction Stir Welding (FSW) joining process under multiaxial loading, employing a modified...

Authors: E.G. Grigoryev, V.N. Bazanov

Abstract: The purpose of the work was to determine the capabilities of the pulse effect of electric current and pressure to produce welded joints of...

Authors: F. Soul, M. Ateeg, S. Beshay, M. Senfier

Abstract: Many techniques were developed to control residual stress and distortion during welding process to minimizes their magnitude in the affected...

Authors: Mostafa Mousavizade, Hassan Farhangi

Abstract: Generally about 80 percent of railway tracks are welded by flash-butt welding that consists of electrical heating and hydraulic forging....


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