Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K. Kadirgama, M.M. Noor, K.A. Abou-El-Hossein, B. Mohammad, H.H. Habeeb

Abstract: In this study the performances of some commercially available carbide inserts when machining Hastelloy C-22HS was investigated under...

Authors: Aminollah Mohammadi, Hamid Zarepour

Abstract: The focus of this study is to investigate the effects of cutting speed, feed rate, hardness and cutting tool material on cutting region...

Authors: Mohammad Javad Nategh, Saeed Amini, H. Soleimanimehr

Abstract: The single point cutting tool in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning (UAT) is made to vibrate under ultrasonic frequency. In present...

Authors: H. Soleimanimehr, Mohammad Javad Nategh, Saeed Amini

Abstract: In present study, neural networks have been employed for studying the ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning (UAT) process and for predicting...

Authors: Mustafa Bakkal, Veli Nakşiler, Bora Derin

Abstract: In this study, machinability of Zr-based bulk metallic glass (Zr52.5Ti5Cu17.9Ni14.6Al10) (BMG) material was investigated by conducting a set...

Authors: Rupinder Singh

Abstract: Rapid prototyping (RP) is being widely used in diverse areas, from the building of aesthetic and functional prototypes to the production of...

Authors: You Min Huang, Yi Wei Tsai

Abstract: A methodology of formulating an elasto-plastic three-dimensional finite element model, which is based on Prandtl-Reuss flow rule and von...

Authors: Mahmoud Nili-Ahmadabadi, F. Haji-Akbari, F. Rad, M. Iranpour, M. Shahirnia, Behrang Poorganji, Tadashi Furuhara

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of high Si bainitic steel, before and after two passes of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at...

Authors: Wan Aizan Wan Abd. Rahman, N.M. Isa, A.R. Rahmat, N. Adenan, R.R. Ali

Abstract: The compounding of rice husk and high density polyethylene (HDPE) was undertaken on a Sino PSM 30 co-rotating twin screw extruder. Four...

Authors: G. Palumbo, Donato Sorgente, Luigi Tricarico

Abstract: The present paper is focused on the Finite Element modeling of the Marciniak stretch-forming test in warm condition. Such a test was...


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