Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies

Volumes 83-86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hong Ma, Wen Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The rolling process of corrugated waist rail is simulated by explicit dynamic FEM. The influence of rolling velocity, reduction and the...

Authors: F. Valiorgue, J. Rech, H. Hamdi, P. Gilles, J.M. Bergheau

Abstract: Residual stresses are very important for the lifetime of pieces in their mechanisms. These kind of damages are mainly caused by mechanical,...

Authors: Mohammad Sedighi, B. Davoodi

Abstract: Due to the intense concentration of heat in the welding process, residual stresses are produced in the specimen. One of the most effective...

Authors: G. Percoco

Abstract: Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping are integrated mostly using the tessellated STL (Solid-to-Layer) file. If copies of 3D scanned...

Authors: Carlos Javierre, L. Ponz, Isabel Clavería, A. Fernández

Abstract: This paper presents the results derived from the research, whose first results were presented at AMPT 2005. At this conference, a new...

Authors: H.H. Kim, Il Soo Kim, K.S. Chon, J.Y. Shim, B.Y. Kang, I.J. Kim

Abstract: With the advance of the robotic arc welding process, procedure optimization which selects the welding procedure and predicts bead geometry...

Authors: Syed H. Masood, Kadhim Alamara

Abstract: In tissue engineering (TE), a porous scaffold structure of biodegradable material is required as a template to guide the proliferation,...

Authors: Ihab E. Katatny, Syed H. Masood, Yos S. Morsi

Abstract: In the recent years the rapid prototyping technology has become increasingly important as a manufacturing method for many medical devices....

Authors: M. Sunar, O. Keles

Abstract: Quasi-static equations are presented for a magnetostrictive medium where mechanical and magnetic fields interact with each other. Finite...

Authors: Akila Derardja

Abstract: Nickel based super alloys are promising materials for high temperature structural applications because of their low density. The single...


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