Manufacturing Science and Engineering I

Volumes 97-101

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Wen Li, Hai Wu Jia, Song Jiang Ma, Mei Ling Wu, Xiang Jiang Wu

Abstract: The aim of the present work is to obtain iron-oxide coated porous ceramics filter (IOCPCF) via dip-coating and test its adsorption and...

Authors: Jing Hua Jiang, Fu Min Lu, Ai Bin Ma, Jin Zong Zuo, Yi Gao

Abstract: Co-Ni coated ZrO2 composite powder was prepared by an optimized ultrasonic electroless plating process to obtain good microwave absorption...

Authors: Gui Rong Yang, Wen Ming Song, Xian Ming Sun, Ying Ma, Jin Jun Lu, Yuan Hao, Yuan Dong Li, Hai Tang Wang

Abstract: The surface composite layer Ni/WC on the cast iron substrate was fabricated through vacuum infiltration casting technique using Ni-based...

Authors: Jin Ming Long, Xiao Yun Zhu, Zhong Cheng Guo

Abstract: The electropolymerizition of polyaniline (PANI) on Pb substrate was performed by potentiostatic or galvanostatic method in aniline+oxalic...

Authors: Zhao Hui Wang, Zhen Fang Liao, Quan Jie Gao

Abstract: The movements of liquids in the jet area, the transient area and the atomization area were analyzed in a high voltage electrostatic field...

Authors: Chang Chun Li, Tian Hou Zhang, Shi Feng Wang

Abstract: The paper discusses the major manufacturing processes of vehicle wheels and the current load-unload situation, analyses the structural shape...

Authors: Jun Li Wang, Rui Dong Xu, Yu Zhi Zhang

Abstract: Ni-W-P-CeO2-SiO2 nanocomposites were pulse electrodeposited from the bath containing suspension of nano-sized CeO2 and SiO2 particles. The...

Authors: Xiao Ping Zhou, Xin Bin Hu, Yi Sheng Xu

Abstract: The microstructure and properties of ternary boride ceramic coating prepared by reactive flame spraying on surface of H13 steel are studied...

Authors: Xin Tao Xia, Jian Feng Chen, Long Chen

Abstract: The thin film can improve the surface performance of rolling bearings to reduce friction, vibration and noise and to increase the operating...

Authors: Ping Feng, Yue Hui He, Xiao Hua Sun, Guang Hong Ni, Yi Hua Sun

Abstract: The invention of functionally graded structure cemented carbide is a significant revolution. In this paper, graded structure cemented...


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