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Edited by: R. Sivakumar
Online since: December 2012
Description: The collection includes selected, peer-reviewed papers from the 2012 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology (ICMST 2012) held August 18-19, 2012 in New Delhi, India.
The 377 peer reviewed papers are grouped into the following chapters:
Chapter 1: Optimization and Сomputational Techniques in Materials and Manufacturing,
Chapter 2: Development of Novel Materials and their Characterization,
Chapter 3: Advances in Welding Technology,
Chapter 4: Advances in Tool-Chip Technology, Machining and Surface Roughness,
Chapter 5: Advances in Various Manufacturing Processes and Technology,
Chapter 6: Product and Material Development, Design and Processing,
Chapter 7: Analysis, Modelling and Simulation Techniques in Manufacturing Processes,
Chapter 8: Materials Science and Technology,
Chapter 9: Nanotechnology and Nanocomposites in Manufacturing,
Chapter 10: Energy, Green Materials and Technologies, Engines, Wind and Hybrid Power Systems,
Chapter 11: Manufacturing and Processing of Reinforced and Metal Matrix Composites,
Chapter 12: Inspection and Control Systems, Testing, Instrumentation and Measurement,
Chapter 13: Materials Thermal Effects and Thermal Systems in Manufacturing,
Chapter 14: Researches in Environmental, Geology Science and Sustainable Systems,
Chapter 15: Advances in Research of Biotechnology,
Chapter 16: Miscellaneous Topics.


Edited by: Qingzhou Xu
Online since: December 2012
Description: The collection includes selected, peer-reviewed papers from the International Conference on Materials Science and Manufacturing (ICMSM2012) held December 14-16, 2012 in Zhangjia Jie, China. It aims to cover the recent advancement and trends in the area of new materials, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing technologies, and manufacturing systems and automation to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking interactions on emerging trends and new challenges.


Edited by: Zainal Arifin Ahmad, Muhd Ambar Yarmo, Fauziah Haji Abdul Aziz, Meor Yusoff Meor Sulaiman, Badrol Ahmad, Khairul Nizar Ismail, Norazharuddin Shah Bin Abdullah, Muhammad Azwadi Sulaiman and Ahmad Zahirani Ahmad Azhar
Online since: December 2012
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS)
X-ray applications and techniques are gaining importance and are moving to the forefront of science. A powerful tool with many advantages, X-ray applications and techniques present a route for rapid, hassle-free, non-destructive, safe and accurate analysis. This book contains a compilation of papers, all related to X-ray techniques, which are applied in various areas of science and technology, namely in research and industry. This publication aims to showcase the current diversity and versatility of X-ray related techniques. With contributors from all around the world, this publication of compiled papers will relate a host of X-ray related techniques with aims and the eventual findings, all of which are presented in a short and concise manner. It is believed that this book will be a good scientific literature which provides clear and important information on X-ray related ventures.


Edited by: Zhong You
Online since: December 2012
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The collection includes selected, peer-reviewed papers from the First International Workshop on Hydraulic Equipment and Support Systems for Mining (IWHEM2012), August 17-18, 2012, Huludao, China. The aim of IWHEM2012 is to present the latest research results from scientists related to hydraulic technology and mining equipment.
The papers are grouped into:
Chapter 1:Industrial Mechanical Engineering and Mining Machinery,
Chapter 2: Hydraulic Equipment and Technology,
Chapter 3: Materials Science.


Edited by: Yingjie Zhang, Qunjie Xu and Mojie Sun
Online since: December 2012
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This 3-volumes set contains selected and peer review papers in the subject areas of mineral prospecting and geological exploration, mining engineering and coal mining, mining machinery engineering, mineral process engineering, oil and gas well development projects, metallurgical engineering, energy saving and low carbon ideas, urban and regional planning, development and management of the energy industry, environmental protection and circular economy, global climate change and international cooperation on reducing carbon emissions, national energy strategy and decision-making, ecological economy, circular economy and low-carbon economy, engineering materials and processing technologies, equipment design, manufacturing, automation and control, computer applications in industry and engineering, and other related topics.


Edited by: Mojie Sun, Gangui Yan and Yingjie Zhang
Online since: December 2012
Description: This 2-volumes set contains selected and peer-review papers in the subject areas of engineering thermo physics, applied thermal engineering, power machinery and engineering, fluid engineering and machinery, HVAC, air conditioning and refrigeration, power system and automation, high voltage and insulation technology, motor and electrical, electrical engineering principles and applications, power electronics and power drives, smart grid technologies, power system management.


Edited by: Qunjie Xu, Yanzhong Ju and Honghua Ge
Online since: December 2012
Description: This 4-volumes set contains selected and peer-review papers in the subject areas of environmental chemistry, biology and technology, environmental materials and processes, environmental safety and health, environmental planning and assessment, environmental analysis, modelling and monitoring, environmental restoration engineering, pollution control (air, water, solid), waste disposal and recycling, water supply and drainage engineering, sound, noise and vibration control, clean production process, hydrology and water resources engineering, architectural environment, soil and water conservation and desertification control, eco-environmental protection, forest cultivation and conservation, plant protection and biotechnology, geographic information and remote sensing science, land resources, environment and urban planning.


Edited by: Yongguang Li, Yong Li and Weiguo Pan
Online since: December 2012
Description: This 2-volumes set contains selected and peer-review papers in the subject areas of development and utilization of solar energy, development and utilization of biomass energy, development and utilization of wind energy, nuclear energy and nuclear engineering, hydrogen, fuel cell and related technologies, heat pumps technology, storage battery, energy storage technologies, energy-saving technology, energy materials and technology, energy chemical engineering and processes, energy security and clean use, new energy vehicles and electric vehicles, green building materials and energy-saving buildings. This book provides new information and methods on possibilities of managing the worlds energy crisis and simultaneously protecting the environment.


Edited by: Pengcheng Wang, Xiangdong Liu and Yongquan Han
Online since: December 2012
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The studies presented here cover the topics of product design, manufacturing and analysis, management and production scheduling, supply chains, CAD/CAM/CAE, reliability, fault diagnostics and quality monitoring, measurement techniques, technologies and equipment, dynamic analysis of mechanical systems and mechanical transmissions, fluid power transmission and control, mechatronics, industrial robotics, control technologies and intelligent systems, electronic and microelectronic technology, embedded systems, signal and intelligent information processing, software and computers in research and engineering solutions.


Edited by: Zhiming Shi, Junhui Dong and Wen Ma
Online since: December 2012
Description: Studies presented in this book cover these topics: composites, micro / nano materials and technology, steel and iron and technology, ceramic, metal alloy materials, polymer materials and technology, physics and chemistry materials and technology, building materials, energy materials and fuel technology, environmental friendly materials and waste recycling, biomaterials, chemical materials and processes, thin films, earthquake resistant structures, materials and design, surface engineering/coatings, modeling, analysis and simulation, materials forming and processes, materials machining, welding & joining, mechanical behavior & fracture , tooling testing and evaluation of materials.


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