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Authors: Devendra Gupta
Abstract:Engineering materials are commonly polycrystalline in nature and chemically inhomogeneous containing hetero-phases and interfaces. Because...
Authors: Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch, Thomas Fiedler, Andreas Öchsner
Abstract:In this overview, we introduce the recently developed Lattice Monte Carlo method for addressing and solving phenomenologically-based mass...
Authors: G.P. Tiwari, R.S. Mehrotra
Abstract:The paper reviews the correlation between the processes of diffusion and melting. It is shown that the entropy of fusion and the melting...
Authors: G.B. Kale
Abstract:A new form of diffusion coefficient termed as thermodynamic diffusion coefficient is introduced in this paper. Conventionally, diffusion...
Authors: K. Bhanumurthy, A. Laik, G.B. Kale
Abstract:The incremental diffusion couples are used for evaluating interdiffusion couples in a narrow composition range and these results are...
Authors: A. Laik, K. Bhanumurthy, G.B. Kale
Abstract:The solid state diffusion characteristics in the Cu(Al) solid solution phase, was investigated in the temperature range of 1023–1223 K using...
Authors: Goutam Mohapatra, Satyam S. Sahay
Abstract:Dilatometer is often used for in situ measurement of phase transformation by monitoring the length change during heating or cooling cycle....
Authors: M.N. Mungole, Prakash C. Trivedi, Satyam Sharma, R.C. Sharma
Abstract:The recrystallization kinetic of 17Cr 1Mo ferritic steel was studied using 60% cold rolled samples. The recrystallization was carried out at...
Authors: B. Jeya Ganesh, S. Raju, E. Mohandas, M. Vijayalakshmi
Abstract:The effect of thermal ageing on the heat capacity and transformation behaviour of behaviour of 9Cr-1Mo-0.1C (wt.%) ferritic / martensitic...
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