Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT2008

Volumes 289-292

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.289-292

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Authors: Benoît Ter-Ovanessian, Cedric Berrest, Julien Deleume, Jean Marc Cloué, Eric Andrieu

Abstract: Many studies have emphasized the beneficial effect of niobium on the physical metallurgy of Ni-Cr-Fe alloy 718. Among the different...

Authors: Jiri Cermak, Lubomir Kral

Abstract: Mg-rich alloys of the binary system Mg-Ni are prospective hydrogen-storage materials. In the present study, desorption characteristics of...

Authors: C.M. Abreu, M.J. Cristóbal, Raul Figueroa, Xosé R. Nóvoa, G. Pena, M.C. Pérez

Abstract: Two austenitic stainless steels have been implanted at 150 keV with Mo at a fluence of 3.5x1015 ions/cm2. The effects of ion implantation in...

Authors: Milagros Wong-Sifuentes, Makoto Nanko, Joaquín Lira-Olivares

Abstract: Removal of fine particles from some gas-product effluents from motors and industries, using filters, is an important subject in the field of...

Authors: Asuncion Bautista, Francisco Velasco, A. González-Centeno

Abstract: Non-commercial, 434L ferritic stainless steel powders prealloyed with 2% of Si were uniaxially compacted at 700 MPa and sintered in 100% H2...

Authors: Javier Sanchez, Jose Fullea, Carmen Andrade, Pedro de Andres

Abstract: Hydrogen embrittlement is believed to be one of the main reasons for cracking of structures under stress. High strength steels in these...

Authors: Jens Ribbe, Guido Schmitz, Sergiy V. Divinski

Abstract: Grain boundary (GB) diffusion of 59Fe in high purity polycrystalline copper was measured using the radiotracer technique and precision...

Authors: Ali Akbar Mottahedi

Abstract: In rolling Industries, cold rolls are chosen of low alloy steel heat treated to about 60 RC in 50 millimeter depth on surface. Troostite...

Authors: B. Bouchaud, J. Balmain, F. Pedraza

Abstract: In this work, β-NiAl aluminide coatings (cubic B2 structure) deposited on a DS substrate have been isothermally as well as cyclically...

Authors: S. Poupard, F. Pedraza, J. Creus

Abstract: Among the new environmentally friendly alternatives to improve the corrosion resistance of metallic substrates, cerium oxide based...


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