Diffusion in Materials - DIMAT2008

Volumes 289-292

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.289-292

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Authors: Sébastien Chevalier

Abstract: High temperature reactivity of materials under oxidizing atmospheres is based on the formation of protective oxide scales. The...

Authors: F.J. Bolívar, L. Sánchez, M.P. Hierro, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: The development of new power generation plants firing fossil fuel is aiming at achieving higher thermal efficiencies of the energy...

Authors: F. Pedraza, Jean Luc Grosseau-Poussard, J.F. Dinhut, J. Balmain, G. Bonnet

Abstract: Nitriding by low energy high flux processing has been carried out at about 400°C in fcc metal substrates (pure Ni, Ni-20Cr model alloy and a...

Authors: Zbigniew Grzesik, Monika Migdalska

Abstract: Oxidation mechanism of nonstoichiometric cuprous oxide (Cu2 yO) has been studied as a function of temperature (973-1273 K) and oxygen...

Authors: Dudziak Tomasz, Alasdair Wilson, Haifa G. Ahmad, Psantu K. Datta

Abstract: This paper originates from a large EU programme designed to produce high performance coatings with superior mechanical and corrosion...

Authors: Nicolas Creton, Virgil Optasanu, Tony Montesin, Sébastien Garruchet, Lionel Desgranges

Abstract: The aim of the present work is to introduce a thermodynamic model to describe the growth of an oxide layer on a metallic substrate. More...

Authors: Javier Fernández, Antonio Isalgue, Irene G. Cano, J.M. Guilemany

Abstract: Thermal spray coatings provide good tribological and corrosion-resistant properties. Coatings with carbides or diborides improve resistance...

Authors: L. Sánchez, F.J. Bolívar, M.P. Hierro, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: The steam oxidation behaviour at 800°C of aluminized HCM12A ferritic-martensitic steel has been studied. The aluminization process used was...

Authors: J. Nieto, M.P. Hierro, F.J. Bolívar, F.J. Pérez

Abstract: The influence of Al and Al-Si coatings on the corrosion behaviour of HCM12 in molten KCl-ZnCl2 mixture at 650°C in air has been...

Authors: Zbigniew Grzesik, Marek Danielewski, Stanisław Mrowec

Abstract: The kinetics and mechanism of metal dusting corrosion of 9Cr-1Mo steel, commonly used in CCR platforming units, have been studied as a...


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