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Authors: Aman Deep Acharya, Girjesh Singh, S.B. Shrivastava
Abstract:The Diffusion Trapping Model has been used to obtain the positron annihilation Doppler broadening lineshape parameter in ZnO and O+, B+, N+,...
Authors: S.A. Aly
Abstract:The optical properties of tungsten oxide (WO3) films prepared by DC sputtering on unheated glass substrates with different film thicknesses...
Authors: Jian Ling Li, Decai Li
Abstract:In this paper, we first analyzed the nano-magnetic fluid composition and properties. Then we studied the characteristics of nano-magnetic...
Authors: Oleg Velichko, Olga Burunova
Abstract:Simulation of arsenic clustering in Si at a temperature of 750 degrees Celsius has been carried out. It has been shown that considering the...
Authors: Hai Li Yang, Yu Zhu Zhang, Yun Gang Li, Guo Zhang Tang, Kuo Jia
Abstract:A Si diffusion layer on grain-oriented low-silicon steel substrates was produced by pulse electrodeposition in KCl-NaCl-NaF-SiO2 molten salt...
Authors: M.A. Abdel-Rahman, Alaa Aldeen Ahmed, Emad A. Badawi
Abstract:The aim of this work was to study the resistance of this type of alloy to quenching. Hardness measurements can be defined as macro-, micro-...
Authors: G.P. Tiwari, V.D. Alur, E. Ramadasan
Abstract:This paper presents hydrogen concentration profiles in notched tensile test specimens which have been charged electrolytically with hydrogen,...
Authors: A. Lodder
Abstract:The driving force on an ion in a metal due to an applied electric field, called the electromigration force, is built up out of two...
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