Diffusion in Solids and Liquids V

Volumes 297-301

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/DDF.297-301

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Authors: S. Chauffaille, Olivier Devos, Julien Jumel, Martin E.R. Shanahan

Abstract: Preliminary results on a technique of Electrochemical-Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) applied to the characterization of diffusion and...

Authors: Hervé Bulou, Christine Goyhenex, Carlo Massobrio

Abstract: This paper highlights the role played by diffusion processes to achieve a better characterization of structure and dynamics in atomic-scale...

Authors: Sabrina Nouri, Mouhamed Benzeghiba, Ahmed Benzaoui

Abstract: Numerical computation is achieved in an axisymmetric configuration to analyze the magnetic field effect on thermosolutal convection during...

Authors: Massimo Celino, Amelia Montone, Fabrizio Cleri, Annalisa Aurora, Daniele Mirabile Gattia, Simone Giusepponi, Marco Vittori Antisari

Abstract: Magnesium is one of the most promising materials for hydrogen storage due to its high capacity and low cost. Unfortunately, practical...

Authors: Mourad Keddam

Abstract: A simulation of the growth kinetics of iron boride forming on AISI 1018 carbon steel was done on the basis of a kinetic model. This model...

Authors: S. Korichi, A. Bensmaili, Mourad Keddam

Abstract: The effect of compaction of bentonite on the diffusion behavior of uranium was studied for the safety assessment of radioactive waste...

Authors: Deepak P. Adhikary, Hua Guo

Abstract: Simulation of mining induced rock deformation, rock fracture enhanced permeability and fluid and gas diffusion and flow process is a complex...

Authors: M. Ortíz-Domínguez, Ivan Campos-Silva, José Martínez-Trinidad, Milton Elías-Espinosa, E. Hernández-Sánchez, D. Bravo-Bárcenas

Abstract: The present work estimated the growth kinetics of Fe2B layers formed at the surface of AISI 4140 steels. The thermochemical treatment was...

Authors: Maribel de la Garza, Patricia del C. Zambrano, Martha Patrizia Guerrero-Mata, Tamás Réti, Mihály Réger, Imre Felde, Rafael Colás

Abstract: A study was carried out on Zr-Cr bearing copper electrodes used for resistance spot welding of galvannealed steel strips. One electrode...

Authors: Hamid Khachab, Yamani Abdelkafi, Abderrahmane Belghachi

Abstract: Several methods have been introduced to study and simulate homoepitaxial growth of III-V materials. GaAs (001) surface has widely been used...


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