Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kwang Joon Yoon, Kyu Young Kim, Nam Seo Goo, Hyun Chul Park, J.R. Haw

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the fatigue characteristics of LIPCA (LIghtweight Piezo-Composite Actuator) device system. LIPCA device system...

Authors: Chun Yi Ruan, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: This paper applies subjective speckle method to investigate the effects of temperature and stress on the initial process of stress...

Authors: Rui Chun Duan, Hui Ji Shi

Abstract: In order to investigate how the corrosion dramatically reduces fatigue resistance of a 2024-T3 aluminium alloy, a series of corrosion...

Authors: Jeong Pyo Kim, Bong Kook Bae, Chang Sung Seok

Abstract: It's required that mechanical properties of in-service facilities maintain the safety of operation in power plants as well as chemical...

Authors: Xia Ting Feng, Shao Jun Li, Sih Li Chen

Abstract: Study of effect of water chemistry corrosion on strength and cracking characters of rocks is an important aspect to improve long-term...

Authors: Dong Ho Bae, J.H. Park

Abstract: In order to develop a corrosion fatigue design method and estimate reliability of TMCP steel using as the material of heavy industries and...

Authors: Jae Yeol Kim, S.U. Yoon, Kyeung Cheun Jang, Myung Soo Ko, Jae Sin An

Abstract: In the present study, a Nd;YAG Laser (pulse type) was used to emit ultrasonic signals to a test material. In addition, a total ultrasonic...

Authors: Zheng Li, Shuman Xia, J.W. Fan, Xian Yue Su

Abstract: In this paper, the continuous wavelet transform by the Gabor wavelet is applied to analyzing flexural waves in a cantilever beam with an...

Authors: Jin Kyung Lee, Young Chul Park, Joon Hyun Lee, Sang Ll Lee, Kwan Do Hur

Abstract: Tensile residual stress occurring due to the difference of coefficients of thermal expansion between fiber and matrix is one of the serious...

Authors: Jae Yeol Kim, Young Tae Yoo, Kyung Seok Song, Chang Hyun Kim, Dong Jo Yang

Abstract: The purpose of this research is stability estimation of plant structure through classification and recognition about welding flaw in...


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