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Authors: Cong Xin Chen, Cai Hua Liu
Authors: Yun Hae Kim, Y.J. Son, B.H. Woo, C.W. Bae, S.M. Kim, Ryuichiro Ebara
Abstract:Cavitation-erosion is a hydrodynamic phenomenon that results in the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles in a liquid. Cavitation damage is...
Authors: H. Kumano, H. Soyama, Masumi Saka
Abstract:Damage for gettering can be introduced by a high speed submerged water jet with cavitation, i.e., a cavitating jet, into a silicon wafer. ...
Authors: H. Kumano, H. Soyama, Masumi Saka
Abstract:A novel gettering method using cavitation impacts is presented. Gettering is very important technique for IC manufacturing. Silicon wafers...
Authors: X.L. Yue, S. Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, K. Nakano, Wen Xian Sun
Abstract:The current investigation involves fabrication and characterization of Al MMCs reinforced with stainless steel fiber (SSF). Hot isotatic...
Authors: Hong Gun Kim, Sung Mo Yang, Hong Gil Noh, Dong Joo Lee
Abstract:An investigation of composite mechanics to investigate stress transfer mechanism accurately, a modification of the conventional shear lag...
Authors: Dong Joo Lee, In Seop Lee
Abstract:The hygrothermal degradation of glass fiber/nylon composite was investigated after aged at 25°C, 50°C, 75°C and 100°C up to 1 month of total...
Authors: T. Yamamoto, H. Takeda, Hiizu Hyakutake
Abstract:The validity of the idea of severity near the notch root of notched FRP plates is investigated experimentally. The investigation was...
Authors: Sheng Wu Wang, Hisatoshi Hirai, Tatsuo Tabaru, A. Kitahara, Hideto Ueno
Abstract:Nb base in-situ composites with the base composition of Nb-5Mo-2W-18Si were prepared by conventional arc-melting and induction heating...
Authors: Dong Su Bae, Dong Young Son, Sang Ll Lee, Hong Sik Park, Kwang Soo Kim, Jae Ho Jeon
Abstract:Four kinds of raw C/C composites with a density between 1.25~1.66g/㎤ were used in order to investigate the effect of the initial porosity of...
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