Advances in Fracture and Failure Prevention

Volumes 261-263

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Ruo Jiao, R.H.C. Wong, T.F. Wong, K.T. Chau, Chun An Tang

Abstract: It has long been recognized that the strength of brittle rocks decreases with the grain size. However, very few systematic...

Authors: Wan Cheng Zhu, K.T. Chau, Chun An Tang

Abstract: Brazilian test is a standardized test for measuring indirect tensile strength of rock and concrete disc (or cylinder). Similar test called...

Authors: Li Yun Li, F.X. Che, D.A. Liu

Abstract: Multi-crack problems are deeply involved in rock-like material and rock engineering. In order to study the influences of lateral stress and...

Authors: Chun An Tang, Chien Hsin Yang, Tao Xu, Tian Hong Yang

Abstract: In this paper, theoretical constitutive model, numerical tool, viz., RFPA code and servo-type testing machine, viz., RMT-150B rock testing...

Authors: Xiu Yuan Ma, Yong Bai, Xiu Guang Song

Abstract: The earth dam type is widely used in the dam engineering. According to the investigation, the earth dam would suffer problems after running...

Authors: Qian Sheng, Zheng Jia Huang, Chun He Yang

Abstract: In light of the open deformation of joints in the middle isolated pier of the permanent shiplocks of Three Gorges Project(TGP), a typically...

Authors: Shu Cai Li, Shu Chen Li, Wei Shen Zhu, Wei Zhong Chen, Le Wen Zhang, K.T. Chau

Abstract: Three-dimensional hydro-mechanical coupling analyses have been conducted on the water-tight structure of the cofferdam for both intake and...

Authors: S.C. Li, Wei Zhong Chen, Wei Shen Zhu, X.B. Qiu, Chien Hsin Yang

Abstract: This present paper adopts a constitutive model for elastic damage of intermittently jointed rock mass, damage-evolution equations and a...

Authors: Ming Li Huang, R.H.C. Wong, S.Y. Wang, Chun An Tang, R.M. Jaio

Abstract: This study is to evaluate the effect of the heterogeneity on the failure processes and strength characterization of brittle rock containing...

Authors: Le Wen Zhang, Shu Chen Li, Shu Cai Li

Abstract: The method of bolt-grouting supporting, grouting into surrounding rock mass by bolts in jointed rock mass roadway, is obtained wide...


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