High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Hao Sheng, Zhen Xing Yue, Zhi Lun Gui, Long Tu Li

Abstract: BiFeO3-PbTiO3 powders were synthesized by a novel sol-gel auto-combustion method. The gels, transformed from the aqueous solutions of metal...

Authors: Qing Zhi Yan, Xin Tai Su, Wen Feng Zhang, Chang Chun Ge

Abstract: Non-agglomerated nano-sized BaTiO3 powders were prepared by a 3 step decomposition of barium titanyl citric acid chelate derived from...

Authors: Ya Lu Ma, Hong Long Zhu, Jian Lin Li

Abstract: The clear and transparent sols of BaTi acetate were prepared from tetrabutyltitanate, barium acetate aqueous solution, ethanol and acetic...

Authors: Qing Song Peng, Wan Jiang, Jing Feng Li

Abstract: Lanthanum-modified lead zirconate-titanate (PLZT5/54/46) powders were prepared from the commercial PbO, La2O3, TiO2 and ZrO2 powders by...

Authors: Gang Xu, Zhao Hui Ren, Wen Jian Weng, Pi Yi Du, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics are of great technological interest due to their excellent piezoelectric and ferroelectric...

Authors: Xin Tai Su, Qing Zhi Yan, Chang Chun Ge

Abstract: Ba3(Ca1.18Nb1.82)O9-d (BCN18) powder was synthesized using a wet chemical method from mixtures of all water-soluble compounds including Ba,...

Authors: Zh.J. Xu, Rui Qing Chu, Bao Shan Li, Guo Rong Li, Qing Rui Yin

Abstract: Pb(Mn1/3Nb2/3)O3-Pb(Ti,Zr)O3 (PMnN-PZT) powders were synthesized by a hybrid method of sol-gel and ultrasonic atomization. The study shows...

Authors: Shi Kao Shi, Ji Ye Wang, Jun Min Li, Rui Long Zong, Ji Zhou

Abstract: The precursor powder of Sr2CeO4 was prepared from a nitrate starting solution by a combustion route with urea as a fuel. Sintering the...

Authors: Yi Kun Liao, Dan Yu Jiang, Ya Ming Ji, Jian Lin Shi

Abstract: Y2Hf2O7 and Lu2Hf2O7 precursor powders are prepared by nitrate solution combustion method with various fuels at 450°C, respectively. Phase...

Authors: Chin Myung Whang, J.G. Kim, Hae Jin Hwang

Abstract: Transition metal-doped TiO2 powders as a photocatalyst were prepared by sol-gel process and Sb, Bi and Nb were introduced into them as...


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