Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: Claus Peter Fritzen

Abstract: This paper gives an overview on the current status of vibration-based methods for Structural Health Monitoring. All these methods have in...

Authors: R.B. Randall

Abstract: Many machine faults, such as local defects in bearings and gears, manifest themselves in vibration signals as a series of impulsive events....

Authors: Leonard M. Rogers

Abstract: This paper addresses the fundamentals of the acoustic emission effect associated with fatigue and stress corrosion cracking in metals. It...

Authors: W.J. Staszewski

Abstract: Structural damage detection and monitoring is one of the major maintenance activities in transportation, processing and civil engineering....

Authors: Xue Feng Chen, Zheng Jia He, Qiang Gao, Yanyang Zi

Abstract: An improved method to identify the crack location and size is presented which takes advantages of wavelet finite element (WFE). The...

Authors: Yong Gui Dong, Ensheng Dong, Huibo Jia, Wener Lv

Abstract: In case of mechanical system health monitoring, a need to develop normal-knowledge based novelty detection techniques is increasing. The...

Authors: Xianfeng Fan, Ming J. Zuo

Abstract: Machine vibration signal has been used in fault detection and diagnosis. Modulation and non-stationarity existing in the signal generated by...

Authors: Jun He, Jin Chen, Guo Bi, Fuchang Zhou

Abstract: The demodulation analysis has been extensively used for gear diagnosis. However these techniques mainly deal with the amplitude-modulated...

Authors: Hongkai Jiang, Zheng Jia He, Chendong Duan, Xue Feng Chen

Abstract: Vibration signals acquired from a gearbox usually are complex, and it is difficult to detect the symptoms of an inherent fault in a...

Authors: Przemysław Kołakowski, Luis E. Mujica, Josep Vehí

Abstract: Two alternative software tools for damage identification are presented. The first tool, developed on the basis of the Virtual Distortion...


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