Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: Yong Yong He, Wen Xiu Lu, Fu Lei Chu

Abstract: The steam turboset is the key equipment of the electric power system. Thus, it is very important and necessary to monitor and diagnose the...

Authors: Qiao Hu, Zheng Jia He, Yanyang Zi, Zhou Suo Zhang, Yaguo Lei

Abstract: In this paper, a novel intelligent fault diagnosis method based on empirical mode decomposition (EMD), fuzzy feature extraction and support...

Authors: M. Kasarda, D.D. Quinn, T. Bash, G. Mani, Daniel J. Inman, R.G. Kirk, Jerzy T. Sawicki

Abstract: This paper describes initial results from a project expanding the field of rotor health monitoring by using Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs)...

Authors: Jan Kiciński

Abstract: Presented have been the methods of modelling of the selected materials and operational imperfections (defects) like rotor cracks and...

Authors: Xuan Yang Lei, Gui Cai Zhang, Xi Geng Song, Jin Chen, Guang Ming Dong

Abstract: In this paper, a simplified finite element model of the cracked crankshaft is proposed, and a new method for simulating the nonlinear...

Authors: N. Lesaffre, Jean Jacques Sinou, F. Thouverez

Abstract: In any high-performance turbo-machinery, instability and damage are commonly occurring problems. The aim of this paper is to present a...

Authors: Wen Xiu Lu, Fu Lei Chu, Dan Guo

Abstract: The rubbing fault is a very serious and frequent malfunction in rotating machinery, and the determination of the rubbing location is very...

Authors: Marcin Luczak

Abstract: In the paper presented are course and results of investigations of the influence of slide bearing bush and shaft mutual skewness on the...

Authors: Jozef Rybczynski

Abstract: The paper presents the procedure and the results of determination of acceptable dislocation for particular bearings of the large power...

Authors: Stanislaw Strzelecki, Z. Towarek

Abstract: The vibration generated by the deformed and unbalanced shaft has caused the damage and the failure of the rolling bearings of worm gears...


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