Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: Ensheng Dong, Yong Gui Dong, Wener Lv, Huibo Jia, Jun Li

Abstract: The detection and characterisation of subsurface flaws in nonmetallic materials are very important for people’s health, lives, and...

Authors: Markus Krüger, Christian U. Grosse, Pedro José Marrón

Abstract: So far, the inspection of building structures and especially of bridges is mainly done visually. Therefore, the condition of the structure...

Authors: Perfecto Mariño, Francisco Poza, Santiago Otero, Fernando Machado

Abstract: Power transformers’ failures carry great costs to electric companies. To diminish this problem in four working 40 MVA transformers, the...

Authors: Daniel M. Peairs, Gyuhae Park, Daniel J. Inman

Abstract: A new model of impedance-based structural health monitoring (SHM) using the spectral element method (SEM) and electric circuit analysis has...

Authors: Mariusz Gibiec

Abstract: Machine field services depend on sensor-driven management systems that provide alerts, alarms and indicators. At the moment the alarm is...

Authors: M. Kokot, Jan Holnicki-Szulc

Abstract: A methodology of defect identification in linear DC circuits based on so called Virtual Distortion Method (VDM) will be presented. The...

Authors: Rosamaria Rodríguez, A. Yarza, J. López-Díez, C. Cuerno-Rejado, A. Güemes

Abstract: The paper pursues the exploration of the feasibility and reliability of current damage detection technologies, evaluating their detection...

Authors: Q. Wan, W.K. Jiang, Z.P. Zhao

Abstract: According to the characteristics of anti-explosion analysis about the small cylindrical shell structure under water, in which the wave...

Authors: Rogerio Bairrao, Marcin Chrzanowski, Joaquim Duque, Pawel Latus

Abstract: In several situations the failure of a reinforced concrete structure is preceded by a gradual deterioration of the materials which can be...


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