Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: Giacomo V. Demarie, Rosario Ceravolo, Alessandro de Stefano

Abstract: In structural engineering applications a sufficient quantity of experimental data to be able to achieve a consistent estimate of nonlinear...

Authors: Robert Jankowski

Abstract: Past earthquakes indicate that pounding between inadequately separated structures may cause considerable damage or even lead to collapse of...

Authors: X.B. Wang

Abstract: Theoretical relations among local and nonlocal damage variables in localized band as well as global damage variable according to the...

Authors: José L. Zapico, María P. González

Abstract: This article deals with a method for seismic damage identification in buildings with steel moment-frame structure. The damage identification...

Authors: Zbigniew Zembaty, Marcin Kowalski

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to report selected results of an experiment in which two, natural size r/c frames were put on shaking table...

Authors: Daniele Zonta, Matteo Pozzi, Marco Forti, Paolo Zanon

Abstract: The University of Trento is promoting a research effort aimed at developing an innovative distributed construction system based on smart...

Authors: Qiang Gao, Zheng Jia He, Xue Feng Chen, Ke Yu Qi

Abstract: Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method is introduced, and a new EMD based approach for damage detection of rolling bearings is presented....

Authors: Stefan Kaczmarczyk

Abstract: Traction drive elevator installations employ ropes of variable length as a mean of car and counterweight suspension. The inertial and...

Authors: C.T. McCarthy, M. Hussey, Michael D. Gilchrist

Abstract: This paper presents an investigation into the sharpness of a surgical scalpel blade. An experiment was carried out in which a surgical...

Authors: Guoan Yang, Zhenhuan Wu, Jin Ji Gao

Abstract: In this paper, a new method for time-varying machine condition monitoring is proposed. By Choi-Williams distribution, the interference terms...


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