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Authors: R. Cai, H.S. Qi, Guang Qi Cai
Abstract:Wheel structure has a critical influence on grinding performance especially active cuttingedge density. Experiments were carried out to find...
Authors: T. Jin, D.J. Stephenson
Abstract:Optical surface finish below Ra 10nm can be achieved on a ‘Tetraform C’ grinder of ultra-high stiffness, when grinding a low alloy steel with...
Authors: Z. Feng, Xun Chen
Abstract:The paper presents a method that identifies and extracts features of chips on loading grinding wheel using image processing technology. The...
Authors: Yi Qing Yu, Yuan Li, Xipeng Xu
Authors: Cheng Zu Ren, J.H. Hua, Z.Y. Wu, Tai Yong Wang, W.D. Jin, Xin Min Jin
Authors: Hang Gao, Y.G. Zheng, W.G. Liu, Jian Hui Li
Abstract:Manufacturing of vitrified bond CBN wheels for internal precision grinding of the air-conditioner compressor piston hole is still big...
Authors: Xu Yue Wang, Yong Bo Wu, Ren Ke Kang, Dong Ming Guo, Wen Ji Xu, M. Kato
Abstract:Laser processing of abrasive grinding wheels is paying a great role in a truing technique to complement mechanical methods. An energy balance...
Authors: Ming Chen, Y.P. Ma, Gang Liu, Dao Hui Xiang, Fang Hong Sun
Abstract:Due to the large difference in thermal properties of the resin and the abrasive grits, the laser-assisted dressing technology is of great...
Authors: Z. Horita, Bing Xiao, Yu Can Fu, Hong Hua Su, Jiu Hua Xu, Hong Jun Xu
Abstract:A kind of new monolayer brazed diamond wire saw with both chemical bonding at the interface between diamond grits and brazing alloy and...
Authors: Jian Bing Zang, Jing Lu, Yan Hui Wang, X.H. Qi, Yun Gang Yuan
Abstract:Nanocrystalline diamond compact possesses not only the advantageous performance of polycrystalline diamond but also the high strength and the...
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