Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: Dariusz Szwedowicz, Carlos Acosta, Jorge Bedolla, Eladio Martinez

Abstract: In this paper, mathematical descriptions of the static and dynamic behaviour of the bladed disc with the undamaged and damaged lacing wire...

Authors: Tadeusz Uhl, Tomasz Barszcz, Jarosław Bednarz

Abstract: The paper presents application of the model based diagnostic method for early detection of faults in rotating machinery. The applicability...

Authors: F.Q. Wu, Guang Meng

Abstract: An effective approach is presented to eliminate the cross-terms in Wigner distribution by ICA (independent component analysis) and EMD...

Authors: Hong Liang Yao, Tao Yu, Xiao Peng Li, Qing Kai Han, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: Model based fault identification techniques can be used to diagnose local faults in rotating machinery; the equivalent loads that represent...

Authors: Zhou Suo Zhang, Minghui Shen, Wenzhi Lv, Zheng Jia He

Abstract: Aiming at problem on limiting development of machinery fault intelligent diagnosis due to needing many fault data samples, this paper...

Authors: Salvatore Caddemi, Antonino Morassi

Abstract: This paper presents a constructive procedure for the identification of a single crack in a beam based on the knowledge of the damage-induced...

Authors: C.Y. Gao, Y.T. Fang

Abstract: In this paper, a new approach to damage tolerance determination, which is related to the critical rupture strain, is proposed for...

Authors: Luigi Garibaldi, Alessandro Fasana, Stefano Marchesiello

Abstract: This paper describes the design of a rig devoted to testing rolling bearings. In order to control the signal-to-noise ratio of the measures,...

Authors: Joanna Grabowska, Marek Krawczuk

Abstract: The article presents a method of damage identification in composite rods and beams based on the analysis of changes in Lamb wave...

Authors: J. López-Díez, M. Torrealba, A. Güemes, C. Cuerno-Rejado

Abstract: This paper analyses the applicability of the Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) for detecting incipient damages in a typical spacecraft...


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