Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: N. Sathon, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton

Abstract: Thermoelastic Stress Analysis (TSA) has been used to detect and evaluate the severity of damage on a flat metallic plate. The damage takes...

Authors: Marco Gherlone, Massimiliano Mattone, Cecilia Surace, Alessandra Tassotti, Alexander Tessler

Abstract: The paper describes an on-going research effort aimed at detecting the presence of delamination damage in composite panels based upon their...

Authors: A.S. Kompalka, S. Reese

Abstract: In this contribution we present a validation of an identification procedure and a modeling method with regard to detection, localisation and...

Authors: Joseph Morlier, F. Bos, P. Castera

Abstract: This paper presents a comparative study of three enhanced signal processing methods to locate damage on mode shape data. The first method...

Authors: Magdalena Rucka, Krzysztof Wilde

Abstract: In this paper a method for estimating the damage location in beam and plate structures is presented. A plexiglas cantilever beam and a...

Authors: Irina Trendafilova

Abstract: This work investigates the use of two different vibration-based methods for health monitoring of aircraft wings. A finite element model of...

Authors: Tadeusz Uhl, Wojciech Lisowski

Abstract: Structural properties of machinery elements and sub-assemblies are often used for diagnostic purpose. Occasionally in engineering practice...

Authors: Slawomir Banaszek

Abstract: The paper presents the course and results of crack propagation simulation research. The object taken into account is a large power turbo-set...

Authors: Guo Bi, Jin Chen, Jun He, Fuchang Zhou, Gui Cai Zhang

Abstract: Minor and random slip between rolling elements and races in rolling element bearings makes vibration signals have periodically time-varying...

Authors: Qing Kai Han, Tao Yu, He Li, Zhao Ye Qin, Zhi Wei Zhang, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: A quantitative identification procedure for local rubbing fault in rotor systems based on a hybrid model is proposed. The hybrid model...


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