Damage Assessment of Structures VI

Volumes 293-294

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.293-294

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Authors: M.G. Baxter, Rhys Pullin, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans

Abstract: This investigation considers the identification of fatigue crack growth in aerospace grade steel using Acoustic Emission (AE) techniques....

Authors: Antoni Blazewicz, Andrei G. Kotousov, Frank Wornle

Abstract: The capability of piezoelectric wafer active sensors to identifying cracks which are common to metallic structural elements subjected to...

Authors: Michele Brigante, Mariano Modano

Abstract: When evaluating concrete strength, common opinion is that adequate precisions can be achieved only by a particular or even total...

Authors: Rhys Pullin, Karen M. Holford, M.G. Baxter

Abstract: Current analysis of Acoustic Emission (AE) signals is dominated by waveform parameter assessment, such as amplitude, rise-time, absolute...

Authors: Kazimierz Darowicki, M. Szociński

Abstract: A number of structures fail due to the fatigue damage resulting from cyclic mechanical stress. However, as far as coatings are concerned...

Authors: Jarosław Kaczmarek, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz

Abstract: In this paper we introduce nanoscale description of fracture in a single crystal in order to obtain foundations for modelling damage at more...

Authors: Bill Kahler, Andrei G. Kotousov, Krzysztof Borkowski

Abstract: The ultimate success or failure of a restored tooth is dependent on clinical management such as material choice, cavity design, bonding...

Authors: Andrei G. Kotousov

Abstract: This paper presents new analytical results on the crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) for a through-the-thickness crack in an infinite...

Authors: Sean B. Leen, Thomas H. Hyde, R. Sabesan, W. Pan

Abstract: This paper reviews a range of simplified and approximate techniques developed and implemented by the authors in the context of...

Authors: A. Lucifredi, M.E. Poldi, P. Silvestri, E. Foglino

Abstract: Life consumption evaluation presently represents a high priority topic for Industry and University. In the specific work of this paper, we...


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