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Authors: Ming Fu, Ji Zhou, Rui Long Zong, Bo Li, Long Tu Li
Abstract:Wide band-gap semiconductor ZnO film with ordered face-centered cubic (FCC) structure air holes was prepared by electrochemical process. The...
Authors: Ya Ming Ji, Dan Yu Jiang, Yi Kun Liao, Jian Lin Shi
Authors: Xiao Long Cui, Li Shan Cui
Abstract:A novel process for synthesizing nano-ceramics powders, named Mechanical & Thermal Activation Processing, is discussed in the present paper....
Authors: Xiao Lin Jia, Xiang Chong Zhong
Abstract:MgAl2O4 nanopowder is synthesized by homogeneous precipitation method, using MgCl2,AlCl3 and ammonium bicarbonate as starting materials. The...
Authors: Jun Yan, Jian Zheng Yi, Hai Ping Cui, Xin Kang Du, Jian Jiang Wang
Abstract:This research focus on the technology of copper chemical plating on Al-CuO agglomerated powders with the size of 150-200µm. Orthogonal design...
Authors: S.M. Fan, Guo Sheng Gai, Yu Fen Yang, Shao Yun Fu, He Zhuo Miao
Abstract:The calcium carbonate composite particles with nanostructured surface were prepared by heterogeneous nucleation. The calcium carbonate...
Authors: Yun Hua Li, Yun Han Ling, Xin De Bai
Abstract:A series of ammonium titanium phosphate nanocrystals were prepared by hydrothermal synthesis method, and characterized by XRD, IR, XPS, SEM...
Authors: Jia Guo Yu, Jimmy C. Yu
Abstract:Calcium carbonate particles with different morphologies were fabricated by the precipitation reaction of sodium carbonate with calcium...
Authors: C.E. Cao, Ying Jun Wang, N.Z. Zheng, C.H. Xiong, H.R. Shen
Abstract:Calcium borate used for non-pollution flux of ceramic decoration materials is synthesized by using boric acid and calcium carbonate as raw...
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