High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: L.J. Ma, Ai Bing Yu, Yan Fei Tan

Abstract: Machinable ZrO2/CePO4 composite was fabricated. ZrO2/CePO4 and mild steel materials were machined with tungsten-cobalt carbide twist drills....

Authors: Jiang Min, Jia Chen Liu, Hai Yan Du, Yi Rong Liu, Zhi Jun Cao

Abstract: Some useful characteristics, including strength, toughness, damage of machining, and propagation pattern of indentation cracks, were studied...

Authors: Yan Luting, Si Wenjie, Xiong Tao, Miao Hezhuo

Abstract: The ceramic injection molding feedstock of Al2O3-SiC nanocomposite were prepared and studied in detail. Three ways of surface modification...

Authors: Zhen Zhen Peng, Shu Cai, Yan Wei Wang, Hou Zheng Wu

Abstract: Many significant improvements have been shown in mechanical properties of ceramic nanocomposites with ceramic matrix being dispersed with...

Authors: Hong Jun Huang, Hong Jing Wan

Abstract: In this paper, the SHS process using TiO2, Al and graphite powders has been performed successfully. The TiO2 : Al : C molar ratio was 3 :...

Authors: Sidi Gu, Zhao Qiang Zeng

Abstract: Al2O3/Ni composite ceramics toughened by metallic particles was fabricated by the vacuum reduction of Al2O3 and nickel nitrate...

Authors: Zheng Guang Zou, Jin Li Li, Yi Wu

Abstract: In the paper, natural ilmenite (FeTiO3) was used as the main green material to synthesize TiC-Al2O3/Fe composite powder by Self-propagating...

Authors: Qin Fang Yan, Zheng Ren Huang, Shao Ming Dong, Dong Liang Jiang
Authors: Jian Jiang Wang, Xin Kang Du, Hong Wei Liu, Jun Yan

Abstract: Based on SHS reactive flame spray technology, Al2O3 multiphase ceramics coatings were produced. Chemical copper-plating technology was used...

Authors: Chang Hong Li

Abstract: Graphite is introduced into Al2O3 ceramic with copper matrix. The influence of graphite content to friction factor and wear and tear of...


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