High-Performance Ceramics III

Volumes 280-283

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.280-283

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Authors: Le Fu Mei, Kai Ming Liang, Hai Bin Li

Abstract: The effect of zirconia coatings deposited by the sol-gel technique on the oxidation of mild steel was studied by scanning electron...

Authors: X.J. Ren, R.M. Hooper, J.L. Henshall

Abstract: Time dependent deformation at room and elevated temperature is a significant property of zirconia ceramics and has a direct influence on...

Authors: Ben Jun Cheng, Xing Zhong Guo, Li Li, Jian Ming Zheng

Abstract: The mechanism of the effect that zircon additive had on the properties of 95-alumina ceramic was studied and compared with that of zirconia...

Authors: Hui Liang, Hai Bo Yang, Zhi Yong Xie, Ting Xian Xu, Ming Xia Xu

Abstract: The high dense pure cordierite ceramics and liquid-phase-sintering cordierite ceramics were prepared with the starting powder made by...

Authors: Ling Zhen Zhang, Chun Chao Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the SHS process was accomplished using titanium dioxide and aluminum powders as raw materials. It was found that the...

Authors: Wei Zhao, De An Yang, Xiu Xin Yin, Ting Xian Xu

Abstract: Al2O3 ceramic fillers were incorporated into polyetheretherketone (PEEK) to improve the mechanical property in order to suit its aerospace...

Authors: Ling Chen, Xian Liang Song, Jian Dong Ye, Bing Li

Abstract: The forming of Al2O3 ceramics was carried out by the colloidal in-situ consolidation using modified starch in this work. The effects of the...

Authors: Shi Guo Du, Jun Yan, Tong Lai Zhang, Hai Ping Cui, J.Z. Liu

Abstract: In this paper the surfaces of Al2O3 fine powders with average size of 500nm were modified by heterogeneous azeotropic distillation process....

Authors: Tae Young Yang, Young Min Park, Gun Dae Lee, Seog Young Yoon, Ron Stevens, Hong Chae Park

Abstract: The sedimentation density significantly decreased after addition of dispersant; the effect was more pronounced with pure alumina, as...

Authors: Tie Chao Wang, Jin Long Yang, Li Guo Ma, Yong Huang

Abstract: Rheological behaviors of alumina aqueous suspension were investigated, and some methods to modify the rheological behaviors of the...


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