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Authors: Wei Hsing Tuan
Abstract:In the present study, several principles are introduced as the guidelines to design multi- phased materials. Each phase in the multiphase...
Authors: M. Matsuzawa, S. Horibe, J. Sakai
Abstract:Non-elastic strain behavior was investigated for several different zirconia ceramics and a possible mechanism for anelasticity was discussed....
Authors: Jintao He, Tian Ma, Yong Huang, Jin Long Yang
Abstract:In this paper, a W/O microemulsion system composed of cyclohexane / water / TritonX-100 / hexyl alcohol is adopted to prepare ultrafine...
Authors: Xiao Xi Li, Ling Chen, Bing Li, Lin Li
Abstract:Zirconia nanopowders were prepared in the ultrasonic field by the sol-gel method and the sonochemical effect on the structure of zirconium...
Authors: Li Ming Zhang, Tian Ma, Hai Feng Li, Yong Huang
Abstract:Zirconia suspensions with coarse particles were prepared and the rheogical behavior and sediment stability of such suspensions with different...
Authors: Hao Ye, Jia Chen Liu, Tie Cheng Feng, Yu Hong Zhao, Jiang Min
Abstract:A new method of plastic forming was carried out for zirconia ceramics, which was based on more uniformly mixed and de-agglomerated pastes...
Authors: Yu Hua Deng, Wei Pan
Abstract:In this work, porous zirconia ceramic was synthesized using filter papers as a template. Special attention is paid to whether the structural...
Authors: Y.M. Zhu, Xia Wan Wu, Zhi Hong Li
Abstract:In order to reduce the raw materials cost, lower the sintering temperature of 3Y-TZP optical fiber ferrules, the 3Y-TZP/ LAS glass ceramics...
Authors: Yan Ling Guo, Shi Gang Long, Rainer Telle
Abstract:Zirconia based material is one of the most interesting materials for semi-solid processing of steel because of its good mechanical properties...
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