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Authors: R.D. Han, B.L. Yin
Abstract:As high-speed steel tap is incapable of small-hole tapping (M3) in hardened steel, vibration tapping is introduced in this paper to solve...
Authors: Chao Li, Min Wang, Dun Wen Zuo
Abstract:A new principle and technology of point form grinding for quadratic surface flank of twist drill was investigated. It broke through the...
Authors: Xiang Feng Li, Zhong Shan Wei, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang
Abstract:The surface treatment for TC4 alloy was conducted by MEVVA ion implantation method. The corrosion resistance of TC4 alloy implanted by La+,...
Authors: H.H. Xu, Xiang Feng Li, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang
Abstract:With the continuous development and popularity of optical sensor and computer vision, machining process monitoring based on CCD camera has...
Authors: H.J. Jing, Ying Xue Yao, S.D. Chen, X.P. Wang
Authors: Y.Q. Huang, Yan Shen Xu
Authors: Qin He Zhang, Jian Hua Zhang, Q.B. Zhang, Shu Peng Su
Abstract:Ultrasonic vibration aided electrical discharge machining (UEDM) in gas is an electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology, in which...
Authors: S. Jiang, Yan Shen Xu, J. Wu
Abstract:To improve the cutting efficiency, one of key approaches is to control with constant force in the full depth working condition. And the...
Authors: Xin Li Tian, Xiu Jian Tang, Ai Bing Yu, X.P. Bi
Abstract:Ceramic plunger couple are appreciated by engine designer thanks to its high performances such as anticorrosion and wearproof, however which...
Authors: Xue Feng Yang, Jian Xin Deng, Jun Zhou, S.Q. Yao, C. Li
Abstract:Three ceramic composite were prepared by hot pressing sintering. The friction and wear behaviors of the composite were experimented at the...
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