The Science of Engineering Ceramics III

Volumes 317-318

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Guo, Dae Hyun Yoon, Dong Woo Shin

Abstract: Fibrous Si3N4 monolithic ceramics with a hexagonal cell were fabricated in the preferred orientation. The densified Si3N4 fibrous...

Authors: Hai Guo, Dae Hyun Yoon, Dong Woo Shin

Abstract: A fracture toughness model of fibrous monolithic ceramics revealed that the major factor that contributed to the fracture toughness in...

Authors: Rak Joo Sung, Takafumi Kusunose, Tadachika Nakayama, Yoon Ho Kim, Tohru Sekino, Soo Wohn Lee, Koichi Niihara

Abstract: A novel transparent polycrystalline silicon nitride was fabricated by hot-press sintering with MgO and AlN as additives. The mixed powder...

Authors: Byung Koog Jang, Hideaki Matsubara

Abstract: The conductive composites in which nano RuO2 particles are dispersed throughout a glass matrix have been successfully fabricated by...

Authors: Tadashi Shiota, Yasuo Toyoshima, Kouichi Yasuda, Yohtaro Matsuo

Abstract: The photon emission accompanying fracture of a polycrystalline MgO was investigated at room temperature under N2 gas pressures from 10-4 to...

Authors: J.Q. Zhang, Atsunori Matsuda, Hiroyuki Muto, Mototsugu Sakai

Abstract: Methylsilsesquioxane films were formed on glass substrates by dropping a sol prepared from methyltriethoxysilane and then heat-treated in...

Authors: D.J. Park, S.H. Kim, J.H. Lee, Seong Hee Lee, Yong Ho Choa

Abstract: Anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) was prepared in three types of aqueous solutions with various applied voltage. The mechanical property of AAO...

Authors: Seong Hee Lee, Tetsuo Sakai, Chung Hyo Lee, Yong Ho Choa

Abstract: Nano-structured aluminum was fabricated by accumulative roll-bonding (ARB) process using different rolling methods. One is the ARB using...

Authors: Xiao Li Zhang, Zhi Hao Jin, Zhen Lin Lu

Abstract: Infiltrant aluminum was infiltrated into molybdenum disilicide preforms in N2 atmosphere at different temperatures by liquid reactive...

Authors: H. Takano, Takafumi Kusunose, Tohru Sekino, Rajagopalan Ramaseshan, Koichi Niihara

Abstract: 6061 aluminum alloy composite reinforced with α-alumina and aluminum borate is fabricated by casting method. The above mentioned composite...


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