The Science of Engineering Ceramics III

Volumes 317-318

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Nam Kim, Min Seok Jeon, Sang Mok Lee, Min Chul Shin, Hee Soo Lee

Abstract: The adhesive and wear properties of ITO thin film have been investigated using the scratch and wear tests. ITO thin film was fabricated on...

Authors: Won Jae Yang, Tohru Sekino, Jong Won Yoon, Kwang Bo Shim, Koichi Niihara, Keun Ho Auh

Abstract: The TiN/DLC nanocomposite coatings were grown on Si wafers using Ar/CH4/TDMAT (Ti[(CH3)2N]4N2) gas mixtures by r.f. plasma enhanced...

Authors: O. Chimal-Valencia, M.S. Corral-García, H. Kume, Yoshito Nishikawa, Mikio Iwasa, S.D. De la Torre

Abstract: The corrosion rate (Cr) of commercially available ball bearings made of silicon nitride (Si3N4) of high degree (HD) and standard quality...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, S. Koga, Pei Bian, T. Mitamura

Abstract: In order to improve the durability of Pt coated Ti electrodes as an anode of the sulfuric acid system electrolysis, tantalum oxide (Ta2O5)...

Authors: E. Narimatsu, Yutaka Shinoda, Takashi Akatsu, Fumihiro Wakai

Abstract: In this study, the effect of composition of intergranular glass on superplastic compressive deformation of -Si3N4 has been studied by...

Authors: Kentarou Chihara, Yutaka Shinoda, Takashi Akatsu, Fumihiro Wakai

Abstract: High-strain-rate superplasticity and low-temperature superplasticity are favorable for making the use of superplastic forming for...

Authors: H. Ito, Hidehiro Yoshida, Yuichi Ikuhara, Takahisa Yamamoto, T. Sakuma

Abstract: Superplastic behaviors were investigated for fine-grained yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal (Y-TZP) from a viewpoint of...

Authors: Chi Ho Kim, In Yong Kang, Yong Chae Chung

Abstract: Using the ab initio pseudopotential calculations, the surface diffusion and incorporation process at the interface of Fe-Al multilayer...

Authors: Tsubasa Nakagawa, Isao Sakaguchi, Katsuyuki Matsunaga, Takahisa Yamamoto, Hajime Haneda, Yuichi Ikuhara

Abstract: Grain boundary diffusion coefficients of oxygen (δDgb) at 1793K in high purity α-alumina bicrystals with Σ7{2 _ ,310}/[0001] and Σ31{7 _...

Authors: Stuart Hampshire, Michael J. Pomeroy

Abstract: Oxynitirde glasses are found at triple point junctions and as intergranular films in silicon nitride based ceramics. The glass chemistry,...


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